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The Challenges Of Gun Control On The People Of America Is Greater (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


This is an argumentative essay on gun control in us.
the sample is a - counterargument, and a rebuttal task is on gun control in us

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The challenges of Gun Control on the People of America Is greater
Gun control a good idea?
Thesis Statement: Great gun control should be supported because guns kill people, there is no partial way to control the legal/illegal distribution of guns, and for society’s peace of mind.
Argumentative Thesis: The assembly, sale, and ownership of assault weapons to private consumers should be banned in America.
Banning of guns in America will make the country safe since people the number of people holding guns will have reduced. According to Carter, (12), once guns are taken away from the hands of civilians, the number of criminals possessing the firm arms illegally will have decreased thus leading to reduced gun-related cases and deaths. Across America, Washington DC has recorded the lowest murder rate due to its strict rules on gun control while in Indianapolis marks the highest number of gun-related murders due to inadequate regulations on gun control (In Webster and In Vernick 9).
Banning of guns in the hands of civilians has become a familiar debate only because of the multiple lives that are lost in the hands of civilians. Could it have been that no lives are lost, then America could be debating on other things in the society. The government needs to get rid of guns in the civilian hands because people are going on a shooting spree and the persons doing these target weapon-free area where they shoot anyone on site (Wilson 21).
The issue of guns being in the hands of civilians has led to the death of several innocent Americans. There have been several shooting cases in the country. Some of the examples include a recent incidence in Florida where a student went to school with a gun and decided to shoot indiscriminately killing 17 people both children and adults. By the end of 2017, more than 13 gun related incidences had been reported to have occurred in schools (Carter 17).
The issue of gun ownership should not be allowed since these are the same guns that find their ways into the wrong hands (Wilson 26). An example is the Florida mass shooting, this is a clear indication that the student who had the gun, might have got it from a licensed gun holder or the firearm must have been stolen the legit owner.
The registered gun holders are the ones who end up leasing or selling the firearms to people who have not been screened or even screened to find out if they are fit to posse guns. It is for this reason of reselling the firearms that calls for the ban of civilians having weapons.
Carter states that, despite the waiting periods when fingerprinting, background checks and filling of government forms, people still access the guns readily, and this is what has led to rampant mass shootings. Since there are no proper laws guiding purchase of firearms and firearms, people are buying them from army surplus stores, hardware stores, and sears mail order, as they purchase from these stores, there is no background check, no waiting, no fingerprints taken and there are no forms filled. This makes it easy for the buyer to indulge in any way of criminal activities (28).
Counterargument: According to the president of The National Rifle Association (NRA), it is their aspiration to in the country to make guns cool, and it has not been easy since gun rights advocates have been made against the licensing and regulation of firearms. Most of the American citizens use the second amend on gun control that allows every American the right to own guns or any weapon for their safety. The matter has been taken to court on several occasions by different human right groups as well as human rights activists who want Americans to be allowed to have guns (Wilson 31). However, the U.S Supreme Court is still in the process of handling the matter by interpreting the law on gun control and its application in modern America.
Rebuttal: Besides the introduction of banning handling of guns by private citizens, this will bring no difference but put the lives of ordinary citizens to danger. What we need to understand is that criminals and terrorists will not be deterred by the laws thus putting lives of others in immense danger (In Webster and In Vernick 12).
Americans base their argument that they are entitled to and responsible for defending their properties as well as their lives. There is also underlying mistrust within the government agencies on matters concerning gun control. Some of the Americans believe that power should be concentrated in the hands of the civilian reason being the fear for government to strip off personal freedoms (Carter&...
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