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Guadalajara Mexico, India, Vancouver & Victoria, New Zealand's South Island (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


write biographies of Guadalajara Mexico,India,vancouver &Victoria,New Zealand\'s South Island

Guadalajara Mexico, India, vancouver &Victoria, New Zealand's South Island
Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico, whose capital city is Jalisco state. Guadalajara was founded in the 15th century by Spanish conquistador Nuno de Guzman, and it became a prosperous commerce centre. The city is located on a plain, surrounded by mountains, and its proximity and elevation to Mexico’s largest lake, contributes to a mild and dry climate. The all year-round temperate conditions have made Guadalajara a favorable destination for tourists and expatriates residing in Mexico.
In addition to a favorable temperate climate, Guadalajara has various tourist attractions such as culture, food, colonial architects, lovely parks, museums, rich culture and traditions among others. Several of the city buildings and churches date from the colonial period. An example of the architecture is the governor’s palace, which is a well known Spanish architecture in the country. Industrial development has been steady in the city from the 19th century, consisting of textiles, tobacco products, chemicals, corn, shoes, arts, and soft drinks among others. Today, Guadalajara is constantly growing in population, and it has become the most essential commercial and financial centre in the country.
Vancouver and Victoria
Vancouver and Victories are cities in British Columbia in Canada. Vancouver is one of the largest cities in Canada, which acts as the major pacific port that allows the importation of goods and materials from Asia to the west of the nation. Vancouver is one of the largest industrial centers in Canada shipping lumber, western Canadian crops, minerals from Rocky Mountains. This is made possible by the port and a railway route that allows transportation of goods and services. In terms of population, the city is ethnically diverse, with the population expected to continue increasing with time. The city’s comfortable climate has favored tourism making it the third most relevant economic drivers behind forestry and fishing. Today, the population and the economy have become more diverse and strong with job opportunities opening up for the residents.
On the other hand, Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, is a short ferry ride away from Vancouver. In the 18th century, Victoria existed as a Hudson’s Bay that was used to protect British interest on Vancouver Island. Later in the years, sawmills were developed for timber bound for San Francisco. Since Victoria is strategically located at the southern end of Vancouver, it provides regular ferries from Vancouver or Washington. As the capital city, Victoria’s economy is largely governmental, and improved by tourists and services.
New Zealand’s South Island
The south Island is one of the well-known and most intriguing areas in New Zealand. New Zealand’s South Island has a rich history in tales of human endeavour, with extensive pasturelands and dense native forests. One of the well-known defining features of the island is the rugged mountain ridges of the Southern Alps, which forms the South Island’s central spine. The foothill of the Alps harbors rare and unique wildlife and plants including Mount Cook lilies and the mischievous parrots respectively. The upland areas of New Zealand’s South Island have a wide range of variable climate favorable for plants animals and residents. Road transport is plentiful in the area, making towns and settlement easily accessible by bus or coach. South island is a popular destination for adventure seekers in summer. The main tourist attraction activities in the region include Kayaking, mountain climbing, skiing, ballooning, and rafting. The areas have a variety of plants and animals that attract tourists. A large percent of the plants that grow in the region are native plants that are not found anywhere else in the world, while animals attract activities s...
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