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The Story of Gor Mahia (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Put yourself in the position of your grandfathers and narrate a story of the past in two pages


The Mysterious Gor Mahia
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The Mysterious Gor Mahia
Among traditional African societies, it was common to find individuals possessed by unearthly powers. However, there were few particular individuals whose phenomenal were exceptional and could perform astonishing magic. I can recall a great magician during my youth in my village who was a medicine man and performed magics and foretold the future. He went by the name Gor K'Ogalo and was nicknamed 'Mahia,' meaning mystery because of his great mysterious magical acts.
Gor's grandfather, Ogallo, a known wizard, was one day summoned to bless his grandchildren when Gor was only five years old. The family slaughtered a ceremonial bull, and Ogallo began to bless each child with the bull's blood. When it was Gor's turn, Ogallo did something different, choosing instead to give him the ashes of his mother to bury in his hut. This experience became the origin of Gor's powers. It had become a mystery even for the same Ogallo who had blessed him. The miracles that Gor performed from then on earned him the nickname "Mahia," which means more or less "supernatural."
Growing up, the boy had developed the power of prophecy. Famous is his vision of "child-like" creatures that were as voracious and unstoppable as locusts. He warned the brave Karungu warriors who defended the Luo lands that the village's warriors could not fight these creatures because they had sticks-like weapons with them that spat flaming stones. Soon white men would arrive. The power of prophecy was just one of the myriad powers which Gor possessed. Gor was made a paramount chief during the colonial era as the colonialists could not tame him because of his extraordinary powers.
Also, Gor had the power to dry a water pan full of water. Whenever Gor Mahia would pass near a water pan owned by another clan, he would perform miracles to make the pan dry up for a very long time. He would allow the water to return to the pan only after ascertaining that the residents had recognized his presence. Gor also had the power to turn himself into an unknown person. Gor would enter a home, but the people would only see a stranger a few minutes later. At times Gor could enter a house without being noticed. Peop

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