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Grant Proposal for "Save the Jackalope" (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


the task required to draft a grant proposal advocating for "Save the Jackalope" to receive a grant for $1000 from donor support


Save the Jackalope Foundation is seeking a grand to support its initiative of saving and protecting the Jackalope. The main objective of this program is to protect the animal, which is on extinct due to human activities. Therefore, the initiative aims to protect and rescue the rare and near-extinct Jackalope by raising money to help in creating awareness to people as well as create safe land for them to survive. The funds will also help develop policy measures against those who capture, kill or breed and sell the rare species. The “Save the Jackalope Foundation” is a nonprofit organization that puts its efforts into saving the few remaining species of Jackalopes that are facing extinction shortly. The foundation partners with “Save the Shenguin” which also protects the rights and homes of the threatened species, as a result of human activities on their territories. Therefore, funding for $1000 is requested to support the organization’s initiatives of saving the endangered rare species.
Statement of need
The Jackalope is a hybrid species of animals with Alberta and a few parts of Mexico as its only habitat. It is estimated that only 20,000 of the creature species may be left. Before, the human settlement in the region, they were highly spotted in the region roaming between the mountains and the plains. But over the past ten years, there have been slightly over 100 claimed sightings in areas with Jackalope grass, and this indicates that they are growing fewer. The breed may be one of the lucky species as they have very few predators pursuing or killing them, as they are very swift and has deadly antlers. The main challenge thus comes from the impact of human activities on their territory. The species is known to only feed on its specific food, which is the Jackalope grass; however climate changes have made the grass to disappear, and so does the species. On average estimates, a 25 pound Jcakalope consumes one pound of grass daily, which equates to a quarter acre, and since they live in groupings of 20, they can consume an acre a day. Annually, a pack of 30 jackalopes would need roughly 1825 acres of grass. Save the Jackalope Foundation is eligible for the $1000 funding support since if the habitats, food sources, and rare species of this

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