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Situational Analysis and Marketing Mix for Starbucks (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


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Situational Analysis and Marketing Mix for Starbuck
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Situational Analysis and Marketing Mix for Starbuck
1 Company Overview
Starbucks is the leading retailer and the roaster of the coffee industry in the United States. The company expanded operations to the United States and the rest of the World by focusing on quality premium coffee, tea, and various fresh foods and beverages. The company expanded from its humble origin in Seattle, United States. The American coffee house chain and coffee company use automated espresso machines to increase the efficacy of their products and facilitate new market opportunities across the globe. The company has employed over 182000 employees in over 62 countries. (Starbucks Coffee 2013).
2. Situational Analysis
2.1 Key Market
The primary market for Starbucks products involves a demographic of young customers between the ages of 18 and 40 years. The company enjoys the largest market share in the industry, with the market concentrating around urban dwellers who are mostly students or young couples. The market needs of Starbucks keep changing, and the customers get quickly tired of the traditional forms of advertisement. As a result, the company focuses on new ways of innovative ways of marketing to maintain dominance (Geereddy, 2013). Due to most of Starbucks' customers' current age, the company already has a strong presence in social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (Perepu, 2015). The market growth of Starbucks is projecting an increasing trend as the number of students joining the college in the urban areas is increasing steadily as the enrollment of undergraduate students increased by 24 percent between 2001 and 2015 (Hussar & Bailey, 2018).
* The company's brand is strong and unique as it forms a unique business model that focuses on the balance between profitability and conscience (Haskova 2015).
* The company has considered a growth strategy by acquiring and merging with other companies, emphasizing innovation.
* The company takes pride in the consumption of quality goods.
* The company focuses on a product mix by introducing new products for people of different ages.

* The company considers expansion into merging markets by aligning ten HR policies into the company's expansion strategy.
* The customers of Starbucks ' products are not priced sensitive. Thus, the company enjoys opportunities for continued expansion.
* The company is expanding its product mix and offerings by adding tea and fresh juice offerings.
* The technology revolution has offered the company the need to expand its services through the use of the application such as Starbucks App(Kell, 2015)

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