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Cross-Cultural Analysis Interview (Other (Not Listed) Sample)


Paper instructions
i was required to listen to two audio interviews of students from different cultures (one was from UAE and the second one from the Philippines). from here, I was supposed to cross-examine these cultures as per the topics provided in the paper.


HUMA221, Intercultural Communication Course, 2021
 Cross-cultural communication interview
1. Select a person from a different cultural background than yourself and interview them to learn about similarities and differences in culture and how these factors affect communication styles. 
2. You need to record/film the interview. Please keep in mind, women from some cultural backgrounds will not be comfortable with being filmed, in which case, ask permission to audio record.
3. In all cases, signed permission must be sought from the person, and pseudonyms used.
4. You should obtain some basic information on a sheet about the subject's background e.g. nationality, age range, gender, education background etc. In class, we will brainstorm possible questions to ask during this semi-structured interview, and compile a guiding list. Please be culturally sensitive in the type of information you ask, and if in doubt, consult your instructor.
2. Upon completion of the interview, a 6-page paper, should be produced mirroring some of the same topics addressed during the course such as values, behaviors, and communication patterns, with the addition of a section on how this person's cultural norms compare with your own.
State: Who the person is and where they are from
            What your relationship is with this person
Find out: What norms, values and behaviors the person has which are different/similar to yours. Describe these.
Describe: How their style and way of communication is different and/or similar to yours.
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Recommended areas to research may include, but are not limited to the following.
Time orientation
Observation of silence
Saving face
Gender: gendered communication styles, women in the workplace
Racial, ethnic, national origins?
How do their gender and class define them
The paper should also reflect some of the key ideas you have read about and we have discussed so far in class. Not all these questions need to be asked, but they can act as a jumping off point.
You need Hofstede. So you have to ask questions that will help you place the country of your interviewee within Hofstede framework. You need to have at least 3 dimensions. Collective vs. individual, power distance and one another at least. But the more the better. Ask questions that gives

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