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Management - Just Fresh. PowerPoint Presentation. (PowerPoint Presentation Sample)


Analysis of Just fresh company. student provided a few support docs and we researched the rest.
the sample ppt consists of the analysis of the company in question and provided several analysis .
cannot attach ppt due to error. attaching word doc isntead.


About the company
Just Fresh primarily focuses on serving its consumers more efficiently than its rivals by way of a proactive cost control approach—direct engagement with consumers through social networking and providing a consumer experience. Providing reliable consumer service is always more efficient at gaining a competitive edge than improving internal processes. Furthermore, throughout the paper, we are going to study about different aspects of Just Fresh's administrative and marketing context. 
It started under a different title than now. It had more than 30 shops primarily across the UAE. In this phase, the organization developed the profound love of the world, and reverence for mankind came into being. The main motto of Just Fresh is to deliver tasty, high-quality juices which not only served the consumer but also the planet. Just Fresh is efficient in what they do as they have a team of over three hundred professional workers for any kind of challenge.
Furthermore, the organization realizes that their goods ought to be unique, such that their consumers can try the juices with the perfect great taste. Just Fresh recognize that artificial colors, synthetic products, and free sugar are contradictory to their laws, and they function by definition of the law. So they claim that they will continuously show the finest of nature with knowledge of the seasons and the impact on their ingredients.
Background of Just fresh
"Just Fresh" started as a small entrepreneurial venture in the United Arab Emirates (UAE Just Fresh opened its business in January 2014 to Abu Dhabi-based consumers specializing in new drinks, mixtures, fruit salads, and ice cream. In Al-Ain, next to the Zakher party, in October 2014, a second branch was opened. As Khaled Al-Shanqiti and Faris Al-Kiyumi were players before, and they enjoyed nutritious food since high school. They saw the new business as a chance to implement a balanced food model in the United African States. The young visionary Empiricists Khaled Al-Shanqiti and Faris Al-Kiyumi were born and raised in Al-Ain (UAE). Khaled graduated in 2010 from the University of Arab Emirates with a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering. For two years, he led the road building and services division of the Al-Ain Municipality and moved to Abu Dhabi in 2012 and joined the infrastructure management company Abu Dhabi Sewage Services Company (ADSSC). In 2012, he was awarded a bachelor's degree by his business at Abu Dhabi, where he graduated in 2013. Faris, though, obtained a Bachelor in Legal Studies degree from the Dubai Police Academy in 2010 and has worked in the Al-Ain Police since then as the Crime Investigator. In 2013, he was promoted to Branch Manager of significant crimes. Khaled and Faris thought carefully about where to open their first branch.
Location and Pricing
Just Fresh restaurants are situated around the most prominent business areas. There were three critical possibilities for the owners: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Al-Ain. Dubai has not been permitted since the two of them live and operate between Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain; therefore, their first shop in a separate city was difficult to handle. In Abu Dhabi, instead of Al-Ain, they wanted to open the shop as the picking capacity is higher, and it is an incentive to utilize it for a more extensive consumer base. Besides, the business already has about 52 items with aims to further broaden the product range.

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