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Outline and Presentation of a Sales Plan (PowerPoint Presentation Sample)


Outline and presentation of a sales plan


642288order, enterprise architecture application
MKTG 312
Outline and Presentation
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u MKTG 312 PAGEREF _Toc497294168 \h 1Outline and Presentation PAGEREF _Toc497294169 \h 1Product in Sale PAGEREF _Toc497294170 \h 3Market Competition PAGEREF _Toc497294171 \h 3Objective PAGEREF _Toc497294172 \h 3Selling Situation PAGEREF _Toc497294173 \h 4Approach PAGEREF _Toc497294174 \h 4Rapport Building PAGEREF _Toc497294175 \h 4Need Determination (Overcoming Objections, SPIN) PAGEREF _Toc497294176 \h 4Features and Benefits PAGEREF _Toc497294177 \h 5Objectives PAGEREF _Toc497294178 \h 5Close PAGEREF _Toc497294179 \h 5
Product in Sale (Description of product and brand quality representation)
Branded watches are trendy and classy. These have exclusive designs and performance. Spotting a classic design, the wrist watches provide for personal branding at an affordable rate. Clients have a chance to get watch designs for different occasions including:
* Surprise gifts for friends and family
* Personal accessories
* Special occasions
This comes at affordable costs of $55 for bulk purchases of 100 pieces or more.
Market Competition
Watch brands in the market focus on affordability while others are keen on design. Classic designs include standard Swiss brands like Longines and Omega, which cost between $ 30 and more than $ 100. The customized designs include smart watches and engraved jewellery watches ranging from $ 14 to $ 500.
Objective (to introduce the brand and give it an edge)
Visit accessory stores in the locality with an objective of selling the brand and closing the first deal. Persuade the shops to adopt a branding approach that represents the consumer. Target young customers who prefer unique and trendy designs. If this fails, convince gift shops for a chance to connect with the buyer through online interaction in affiliate marketing.
Selling Situation
Build a sales rapport and connect with the target market. Influence the buyer through direct and online conversation. Introduce and distinguish the brand and its products from the rest. Highlight product benefits such as design and customer experience.
Use emotional connection to connect with customer through conversation, customer satisfaction and target marketing.
Rapport Building
Focus on the customer needs for personalized item

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