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Leadership & Teambuilding: Halcrow Pakistan Pvt Ltd (PowerPoint Presentation Sample)

Leadership & Teambuilding        
Halcrow Pakistan Pvt Ltd
                          Table of Contents Acknowledgment 3 Executive Summary. 4 Introduction to Halcrow Pakistan Limited. 5
  • Brief History: 5
  • Introduction to the organization: 5
  • Details of Services: 6
  • Competitors: 6
  • Organizational Structure. 7
Brief Introduction of the CEO.. 7 Introduction to Leadership & its Importance In Corporate Level 7 Difference between Leadership and Management 8 Top 5 Qualities of a Leader. 9 Leaders in the Organization. 10 Vision Of Halcrow Pakistan. 10 If Leadership is about influencing the followers so how the CEO do it in real?. 11 Coaching as a Required Skill of a Leader?. 11 Challenges to be an Effective Leader. 11 Development of Leaders in Halcrow Pakistan Ltd. 12 How the leadership Skills are developed in the Team Members?. 12 Importance of Potential Leadership Skills at the Time of Recruitment 12 Mentoring Programs in Halcrow Pakistan. 13 Leadership style. 13 Assessing the CEO’s Leadership Skills on the Managerial Grid. 13        

Executive Summary

  Leadership is all about influencing people to work together in order to attain a specific desired goal. The report contains the facts about leadership that how it is being implemented in the real practical world. It includes responses to certain questions that how a CEO of a company accomplishes the organizational goals by standing at the position of a leader. It explains how the CEO tries to induce the leadership qualities in his employees and as well as how he is able to influence others to work together to attain a specific goal. Not only this but this report is also concerned about the specific leadership training programs that are conducted in order to polish the leading skills in the employees. It is explained in the report that leadership is not only confined to the top management but it is also present at the several levels in the organization. Leadership is at the strategic level with the CEO and it is also along with the operational level with the team leaders. This helps us to understand that in Halcrow Pakistan the leadership development not only occurs at the top most level but also at the bottom levels where it is relevant and is required.                            

Introduction to Halcrow Pakistan Limited


·       Brief History:

Halcrow Group Limited is a multinational engineering consultancy company, based in the UK. Halcrow is one of the UK’s largest consultancies with origin stretching back to 1868. It was founded by a civil engineer, Thomas Meik in 1868. The company is undertaking commission in over 70 countries from a network of more than 90 offices. Halcrow Pakistan was established in 1993 by Halcrow Group of UK.

·       Introduction to the organization:

Halcrow Pakistan (PVT) ltd was established in 1993 by Halcrow Group of UK. HPK’s ability to integrate local terms with the international experts from other parts of Halcrow Group continuously brings international best practices to its clients. With over 21 years of experience in delivering large multi-disciplinary projects to small-scale specialist assignments in Pakistan as well as overseas, HPK has established itself as a leading engineering company that has its own identity in Pakistan. With the acquisition of Halcrow Group by CH2M HILL, HPK operates as an independent company that was formerly part of Halcrow Group. In Pakistan it has its main offices in Karachi and Islamabad. Clients remain at the center of HPK's operations & they ensure that HPK contributes in projects as a stake-holder. With a staff strength of over 200 located in offices in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Sukkur and Swat, HPK has and continues to deliver projects for clients that include donor agencies, international funding institutions, international oil and gas companies, international consulting and construction companies, planners and architects, private infrastructure developers, private property developers, contractors, industrial conglomerates, non-government organizations and selected local and government authorities. Some of our key clients include USAID, DFID, Asian Development Bank, The World Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency, Halcrow Group Limited, Mott McDonald International, CH2M HILL, Hutchison Port Holdings, OMV, BHP, MOL, Premier Oil, Petronas, KUFPEC and ENI.  

·       Details of Services:

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Geotechnical Investigations
  • Environmental Assessments (IEE, ESIA, EIA)
  • Health, safety & environmental (HSE) monitoring
  • Planning, feasibility and scoping studies
  • Concept and detailed engineering designs
  • Access roads and well site engineering and infrastructure for the oil & gas sector
  • Construction management and supervision
  • Energy, power, and electrical engineering solutions
  • Quantity surveying and cost estimation
  • Procurement and contracts support
  • Community engagement
  • Economic and financial analyses
  • Institutional assessment
  • Sustainability analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Topographic, GIS, and other surveys

·       Competitors:

                               The competitors of Halcrow Pakistan may include; NESPAK, AAA Partnership, EA Consultants & ECIL.

·       Organizational Structure

   There are approximately 226 employees currently working in Halcrow Pakistan (pvt) ltd.

Brief Introduction of the CEO

Mr.Usman Mumtaz is the CEO of Halcrow Pakistan. He has an experience of over 25 years in the industry. He has completed his BS Civil engineering from the NWFP UET and has completed MS in Construction Management from the University of Birmingham. He has extensive experience and knowledge about the fields of Construction management, strategic business planning, Project management, Contract management, HR management and Business Development.  

Introduction to Leadership & its Importance In Corporate Level

  According to the interview conducted with the CEO of Halcrow Pakistan we can to know that to him leadership is not only about influencing others and getting the work done through a collective team of people. It is something more like inspiring others, aiming others to get themselves directed towards a desired goal, making them believe in their dreams and to make them think on what is their actual potential. This all makes a person able to achieve more by utilizing the maximum of his capacity. In the general idea, leadership is mainly concerned with the fact that a leader is responsible to dominate the group in order to make them work. But it is not the case in a successful corporate organization. In the corporate level the professional top level management is commonly considered as the leaders. But in our organization, Halcrow Pakistan, leadership is not confined only to the top level management. Thus, only the top level staff is not the blessed ones who get most of the trainings and incentives. In this organization leadership is present in almost all the hierarchical levels. It is not only important that the person is a formal leader but in this organization perceived leaders do also exist!  According to the response in the interview, we concluded that leadership plays a vital role in the corporate level. This is because in the formal structured organization, there is an immense need of proper leadership in order to achieve the organization’s vision and mission. Not only at the top level management but also at the operational and frontline stage there is a need to have certain type of leaders. People at the top level management needs a leader who can make the organizational dreams come true by making proper strategies and implementing it accordingly in the best effective manner. At the operational level leadership is needed because it can help the functional teams to work together with a strong inspiration and dedication under the leader to accomplish the task.  

Difference between Leadership and Management

According to the interview we came to know that a manager can probably be a leader, but a leader will always have command on the management skills. Management is mostly about planning, organizing, implementing and controlling. This does not actually include the leadership traits. Management is not necessarily about influencing others or inspiri...
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