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Diversity and Discrimination (Proofreading Sample)


The task was to proofread the essay and correct grammatical errors and check for plagiarism. The Sample addresses the aspect of diversity and discrimination with focus on tow class readings.


Diversity and Discrimination
Diversity and Discrimination
The subject of diversity and discrimination poses various challenges to the modern society. Different scholars and political role models view equality, cohesion, and integration as the most-appropriate method of diminishing the pre-existing challenges amongst the global societies. Arguably, the world comprises of many societies divisive on their beliefs and norms. Earlier accounts declare that each group has for a long-time being sorting out methods to establish its freedoms as a model of limiting external pressures that might emanate from other societies (Coles, 2013). In accordance with George Bush statements in the past, there is an actual need to emphasize on equality amongst all groupings, whether based on race, religion, culture or gender among other variables (Garber, 2013).
Robert Coles narrated on the plight of Negroes in achieving the desired rights as implemented in the American constitution. It is evident from the interviews established that the African-American community lacks the enthusiasm to aim for the opportunities provided for by the constitution. Dr. Coles asserts that the minority groups present in the American community complain about inequality up to date. It is obvious that the majority races have devised methods to curb the desired value of equality, cohesion and integration amongst all groups, constituents to the American population (Coles, 2013).
Garber (2013) survey has indicated that the global society may need to rephrase the present strategies of implementing diversity and diminishing the concept of discrimination since many groups have continuously faced challenges in interacting with each other. Therefore, discrimination and the essence of diversity remain untamed thus; it is upon the leaders to implement crucial resolutions to ensure that all communities in a global society perceive themselves as equals despite the prevailing differences in skin color, religion, nationality, or gender (Garber, 2013).
Coles, R. (2013, January). T...
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