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How Can I Become a Dafore? (Proofreading Sample)




PHL 101
How can I become a Dafore?
In story narration a specific character is chosen on which the story is based. In this story, Meshari is the main character and the narrator telling us the story's events. Meshari has a simple academic success. His simple academic level has resulted from incompetent professors and hard, even difficult subjects and courses. He always thought about and was concerned about his school success and academic outcomes. He was worried a lot and attempting to resolve problems and create methods to upgrade his school level. He starts to improve his school level achievement after being a Faisal friend and starting to know him. Faisal started to teach him the most important steps and habits of top successful and active persons. The novelist selects Meshari to let us know that each person can achieve his aim. Every person can be better and can change his level and academic success for the better. Anyone can excel in any area that he desires. The novelist selected him to let us know how he controlled and changed his life and academic attainment and how he became very successful and get rid of his weaknesses.
The letters of the word Dafor can speak to the wellspring of the five propensities. Perceiving a job is the first and discovering the points is the subsequent one. To feel and have a similar outlook as a champion is the third one and dealing with your time is the fourth one. To rise and keep on rising is the fifth propensity. From the outset, Meshari perceives his job and He is the main individual who is answerable for his accomplishment and tackling his difficulties. He was unable to convict the others for his disappointments and in the same manner thinking about the protocols in which that can improve his life to be better. At that point, Meshari decides his points which will make him arrive at his fundamental goal. He sets up the plans cautiously to accomplish these targets. Meshari has maintained deciding points that are acceptable, extraordinary, genuine, or feasible. He makes an arrangement that makes him ready to accomplish them inadequate time. After that, Meshari begins to feel and take on a similar mindset as a champion. He feels that he can arrive at his goals and accomplish what he wants. He trusts in his ability and forces. He makes himself valiant by saying great words to himself. He attempts to be a companion of the fruitful and eager companions and avoid negative and awful companions. The fourth propensity was exceptionally valuable for Meshari to deal with his time. At last, Meshari needed to keep on updating himself to be better every day. He will instruct himself, attempt a ton, and learn in various territories.
The five habits will be useful not only in studies but also in career and all aspects of life. For an individual to be active and effective, it means to succeed in learning, in his career, and other aspects of his life, for example, the social, health, and others. It could be reached by determining certain aims for the individual to be a super student in learning, enter a prestigious career, be great in his relations and communications with others, and have a healthy lifestyle. Ways and steps that must be accomplished to reach those aims come from good and effective planning. It is always not difficult to start the right way when you do not own a plan; without planning your time, you will wake up not knowing what you desire to do, and thus the time wasted without doing something good or achieving your goals. With a plan, each one can cope with reaching their aims even with situations. An individual will believe that achievement is an internal choice and duty, paying little mind to their conditions. You should think and utilize time just as quit grumbling and accusing. Demanding griping disappoints the one and causes him to feel unscrupulous in accomplishing and arriving at the method of achievement. When an individual defines his objectives, thinks of them before him, and takes a gander at them consistently, this will support him and quickens accomplishing the destinations. Choosing powerful, positive, and dynamic companions rouse a person to be successful like them and persuade them to look for the best consistently.
The habit which cannot be left out unaddressed stress management and has to be added. Many changes may occur in the work environment at any time, so employers are always looking for employees who deal with stress while maintaining their productivity and performance. For example, an employee's illness in a large company with a busy work environment can place significant stress on other employees. Here, the need arises for those who deal well with stress to ensure that the required tasks are completed promptly and that the desired goals are achieved. In the event of failure to deal with work pressure and difficult situations, this often negatively affects the employee's performance and productivity, thus the company's productivity as a whole, and may cause it to suffer heavy and irreparable losses. D

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