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The differences between Persian and Arabic (Proofreading Sample)


The paper was a brief summary of differences between Persian and Arabic


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The differences between Persian and Arabic
Farsi language, which is known as Persian in some counties, is Indo-European, and it is spoken in mostly in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan and some areas in India and Pakistan. Persian is written with the Arabic alphabet with additional four letters. Farsi influences other languages such as Ottoman Turkish, Urdu, and even Arabic. There are a lot of similarities and differences between Farsi and Arabic languages. Some differences are pronunciation, meaning, and
The biggest difference between Persian and Arabic is the pronunciation. As it is mentioned earlier, Persian use the Arabic alphabet, but they pronounce half of them differently. The first of them is the letter (ح-Ha). For example, Persians pronounce the word (امتحان) Amthan with soft H sound. In contrast, Arabs pronounce it Amthhaan with strong H sound. Another letter is (ـ); Persians pronounce it like V, and Arabs pronounce it such W. For instance, the word (ـفا), which means sincerity in both languages, pronounces in Iran like VFA and WAFA in Arab countries.
Iranians and Arabs have some words that written and pronounced the same but have different meaning. (أين-Ain) means THIS in Farsi. In contrast, it is means WHAT in Arabic. Another example is (صندلي-sandalye) that means seat or chair, yet, it is a type of shoes, which is sandal in Arabic. The last example is (تميز-Tmyz) that known as CLEAN between Iranians, and DISTINCTION between Arabs.
Not only are there differences in terms of pronunciation of words and letters but also in other sectors. Differences emerge in areas like governance, religions, areas covered by the native speakers and their numbers, their relationships with other countries and other languages of the world. We should therefore note differences in these various sectors.
Looking at the relationship with other languages of the world, we find that these two differ. For example, it is found that the Persian language has a very close relationship with the Latin language which is spoken in some countries of Europe while the Arabic lacks such relationships. We also find that Arabic has some common relationship with English language which is a worldwide language. In contrary to this, we get that Persian doesn’t have such relationship.
Another major difference between the two arise in the areas covered and the number of speakers. Arabic is spoken in many countries of Asian continent and even some of Africa. It therefore covers a larger vast area with the population being high while Persian is spoken in a few small countries around the Persian Gulf with high population. This therefore makes the number of people of Persian language per unit area to be higher than those of Arabic.this difference should be taken with a lot of care so as not to confuse the different countries.
Moreover, we find that there is a major distinction in forms of governments in countries which speak these two languages. Around the Persian countries like Iran, the main form of rule depends on religion where the people are ruled by religious leaders which is passed on through certain specific families in every generation. This is more of a monarchial government. In the Arabic world, the na...
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