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Strategic and Marketing Plan (Reaction Paper Sample)


the task was to react on Strategic and marketing Plan for a business plan. This paper presented swot analysis, promotional strategies, tactics, timeline, and target market.


Strategic and Marketing Plan
Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Strategic and marketing Plan PAGEREF _Toc295597949 \h 2Personal Mission and Vision Statement PAGEREF _Toc295597950 \h 2Objectives PAGEREF _Toc295597951 \h 2SWOT Analysis PAGEREF _Toc295597952 \h 3Strengths PAGEREF _Toc295597953 \h 3Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc295597954 \h 3Opportunities PAGEREF _Toc295597955 \h 3Threats PAGEREF _Toc295597956 \h 4Competitive advantage PAGEREF _Toc295597957 \h 4Promotional strategies PAGEREF _Toc295597958 \h 4Approaches to achieve objectives PAGEREF _Toc295597959 \h 5Tactics PAGEREF _Toc295597960 \h 5Timeline PAGEREF _Toc295597961 \h 6Target Market PAGEREF _Toc295597962 \h 6References PAGEREF _Toc295597963 \h 8
Strategic and marketing Plan
Personal Mission and Vision Statement
As a health care practitioner, I aim to build myself to be an all-rounded person, who will harbour a diverse range of skills and information in this field to become the top resource person and practitioner in the field. I will work towards building competence and skills in all fields that I practice being the choice person, both as a consultant and an employee. My driving force is the desire to meet qualitatively and quantitatively the needs of a diverse clientele. In line with the above, I intend to work as a healthcare practitioner for and further my studies. This will enable me to be more competent after which I will be in a position to establish my own firm to offer health related services. This can be done as a sole initiative or in collaboration with other like-minded and able people (Career Builder).
I aim to become a more self sufficient and reliable person, who will be celebrated for the many skills and talents that I possess. I am aspiring to attain financial independence and security, a key factor that will enable me to live without depending on others, as well as enabling me to contribute financially towards the betterment of other people. To make this effective, I have obtained the requisite dexterity that will make me to secure a well paying occupation in the healthcare field. My preference is working in any firm that fully realizes my diverse skills and remunerates me appropriately. I expect to earn an average salary of approximately forty thousand dollars per annum. My dream is to live and work in my home state or any of the neighboring states, acquire my own house and purchase a high-quality car at a price of seven thousand dollars in the next one-year (Beagrie, 2006, p38).
In order to improve my academic credentials, I plan to further my studies to a doctoral level, and be involved in some academic research work. This is to help me get to the top of my profession, as a practitioner and a resource person. In line with this, I intend to practice health care services for an initial period of five years, during which I will also be working to acquire a master’s degree in the healthcare field. In addition, I intend to work as a volunteer for a period of six months in an organization that will offer me the greatest opportunity to learn new things and build myself (Otte & Kahnweiler, 2005, p4).
SWOT Analysis
One of my greatest strength is my wide range of skills and talents, which go beyond my area of profession. These include my skills in games, information technology and previous participation in community development work. In addition, I am a fresh graduate in the market, with an open mind to learn and adapt to any system that I may be required to work in. During my internships, I worked to build bridges with various people who are role models in the direction that I want to pursue.
My weakness lies in the fact that at times I am a weak willed person and not particularly outgoing. This requires me to put a lot of effort in building social contacts, while people may at times find this an opportunity to take advantage of me. I also was initially over engaged in so many activities, which may portray the picture of a person who may not be decisive or aware of his tastes and preferences (Otte & Kahnweiler, 2005, p7).
There is a wide range of opportunities in my area of specialization. This includes numerous opportunities to work in the private sector, with the nongovernmental organisations and as an employee of the state or federal government. Many channels are open that one can use to build his competence within the field. Many employers look for all-rounded persons who can provide a variety of skills, of whom I am (Margareth et al 2006).
The greatest threat originates from the number of people who are competing for similar resources as I am doing. These are all young and innovative people just like me, who have recently graduated and some even posses a masters degree. These people are all fighting to take up the same employment slots just like me, or even have higher academic qualifications. Another threat is the external environmental conditions that I cannot control by myself. These have the ability to affect my well being and rate of progress in my career field (Beagrie, 2006, p41).
Competitive advantage
My advantage over others competitors, most of who have just graduated, is that I possess a lot of work experience from various places. I had volunteered to work in various places even before I was in college; therefore, I have a better idea of the job experience than an average graduate does. In addition to that, I have gained immense knowledge in the information technology field, which I can apply to my field. This places me at a better position than most of other competitors (Career Builder).
Promotional strategies
Once I secure a job position in a choice health care firm, I will work hard to accelerate my vertical progression in the firm. This includes committing to excellence, by ensuring that all the work that I do is of unquestionable standard. I will also build strong relationships in the firm, which will ensure that I always get all the best available opportunities and skills. This will also form a basis for future contacts and associations. To ensure competency, I will enrol for a Master’s degree as soon as I start working so that I will stay ahead of the pack for all academic needs and capabilities. A Master’s degree will also enable me to be involved in research work that will give credibility and experience as a scholar in the field. This way, I will remain an asset to any organisation that I work for and will never risk being substituted or missing promotion opportunities (Melrose, 2008, p19).
Approaches to achieve objectives
Since my desire is to work as a private practitioner in the future, I will focus on building competence during the time when I will be working for other firms. As outlines, I am going to further my studies and achieve a masters and a doctoral degree, which will set me out as a leading practitioner in the field. I will also pursue to attaining various accreditations from different accreditation bodies that are relevant to my field of specialization. In order to practice effectively my career as a consultant and private practitioner, I aim to acquire some skills in business and management. For this reason, I intend also to pursue a course in entrepreneurship or business management, whereby I will acquire various skills that are necessary for my field (Margareth et al 2006).
My personal values serve to be my greatest source of competitive advantage. As an industrious, candid and a reliable person, I really like to put my proficiency to a foundation that can help to accomplish any set of common goals. I like networking and working with other people, irrespective of their social or academic qualification. This makes me an asset for any firm that I will work with, and is necessary have for anyone to succeed in the health care field where sharing of ideas and information is vital.
One of my frail points is that I tend to miscalculate what I can do and in the end, I always end up taking up too much work beyond what I can handle in time. This makes me to lag behind in tasks and may create an intuition of an unproductive person (Otte & Kahnweiler, 2005, p3). In order to overcome this, I am working to assess my level of productivity and be realistic in the work that I plan to accomplish. Another weakness that I am working on is that I tend to spend too much time doing voluntary work. Sometimes the tasks I undertake are really demanding and time consuming. For this, I have acquired an events schedules that times and guides all my events and activities that I do. T...
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