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Identifying Fundamental Academic Skills (Reaction Paper Sample)


Paper instructions:
Identify one or two new academic skills which you think could be most helpful to you in your future studies. Use specific examples from the course to support your answers.


Reflective Journal
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The two fundamental academic skills that will be essential for my future career are reasoning and inference. It is imperative to state that inference is the fundamental steps that are taken towards reasoning. An inference is mostly employed in the process of moving from one particular premise to the formation of logical consequences. Inference cannot be formed without reason. It is important to state that reason in context is the capacity for consciously making sense of various things, the application of logic, the institution of verification of fact and also the justification of various practices, institutions and convictions in relation to the new or the information that is already present. In context, people often employ reason to develop inference which is mainly the conclusions that are derived from the theories or the proposition that is supposed to have truth in them. The two skills will be vital in assisting me in the future to tackle any form of challenge that I may encounter.

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