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Iris Murdoch Good and Morality Literature & Language Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


The task was about the stance of Iris Murdoch on Good and Morality, which the sample explores besides the objections to his viewpoint


Iris Murdoch Good and Morality
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Iris Murdoch Good and Morality
The Central Ideas of Good and Moral
The central ideas of Murdoch on moral self are affected by ego, selfishness, and personal interests, needs an assessment of the relationship between aesthetics and ethics. She contends that ego is a hindrance towards seeing other people clearly as the focus should be on selfless love rather than reward f the virtue. Seeing the other people as good helps in developing virtue and makes a person treat others ethically. Murdoch's argument is premised on her assertion that romanticism, liberalism, linguistic empiricism, and existentialism fails to express the criterion for morality that moves past will and choices. Interestingly, Murdoch asserts that Moral self should eradicate its ego as it seeks to see others for who they are to effectively respond to them in a morally adequate manner. The second central ideas of good are that it is innate rather than an acquired virtue. The goodness in people is inherent rather than acquired through learning or experience. While explaining good and morality, Murdoch focuses on realism and explores virtue from an aesthetic perception standpoint.
Virtue and Human Interests

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