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Noble Cause Corruption: How The Culture Is Bringing Harm To Police (Reaction Paper Sample)


The task was a reaction paper on an article on noble cause corruption

Noble Cause Corruption Name: Institution: Noble cause corruption has taken root in policing, and the Martinelli article gives a comprehensive breakdown of how the culture is bringing harm to police departments by tainting their image and leading to loss of trust and confidence by the public. Martinelli makes the point that police chiefs should be in pole position to ensure the culture of noble corruption does not exist in their departments since they have the power to discipline officers involved. I was intrigued by an instance of noble corruption where officers lied in their statements and filed false reports when they made an arrest. This is plain corruption with the two kids being innocent; they are taking the blame for a crime they did not commit. There is no good emanating from this as partially innocent kids are locked up while the real criminal walks. Another instance of noble cause corruption that I was drawn to was the tainting of a police photograph array for identification of suspects. While this technique may work and helps put the suspect behind bars, its repercussions are too much of a risk. In the end, the criminal is behind bars, but the issue is later exposed by the media, and the image of the department goes up in flames. Martinelli gives a comprehensive look at noble cause corruption, but I feel that he focused so much on the negative aspect and very little on its positives. I agree that noble cause...
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