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Practices for Happiness and Joy (Reaction Paper Sample)

A tED TALK reaction ANALYZING the important practices needed to be happy and JOYOUS. source..
Practices for Happiness and Joy Name Institutional Affiliation Practices for Happiness and Joy The TED Talk by Dr. Shawn Achor specifies clearly defined practices which when practiced in a consistent manner will lead to greater happiness and joy which in turn will contribute to success and efficiency. These practices include journaling, exercising consistently, meditation, three gratitutes and performing random acts of kindness. Currently the practices that I have integrated consistently in my daily routine are exercising, performing random acts of kindness and three gratitutes (TED, 2012). Exercising has always been a hobby which I have always consistently practiced. It allows me to keep my body fit by strengthening the bones and muscles. Moreover, I love performing random acts of kindness especially for my parents who I usually surprise with a gift. I also usually let the elderly go in front of me in a queue. Three gratitutes involves thanking at least three people each day. I have always practiced this consistently each day where I thank people for their contribution, support or service. After viewing the TED Talk by Dr. Achor, I have learned a lot about how happiness and joy can help in achieving the positive mind-set that could enhance success. Therefore I plan to integrate the other two practices – meditation and journaling – in my routine in order to help. Dr. Achor clearly states the benefits that are accompanied with meditation and that has helped me realize how I can integrate it my routine. Meditation allows a person to be self-aware which will help in focusing on one specific task at a time which will yield greater productivity (TED, 2012). Meditation will also help to reduce stress and control anxiety. Journaling is the act of documenting the good things that have happened during the day. This practice is helpful in that it will help to reduce stress and enhance my s...
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