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The Relevance of White Ethnicity Studies (Reaction Paper Sample)


I need APA 7th edition only!
Paper instructions:
1. Why are studies of white ethnicities still relevant to social scientists?
2. a) What arguments does the author of the myth of the decline of a white minority present to support that hypothesis? b) What is implied in the article that this could mean for other minority races or ethnicities?
3. What is Robin Diangelo's concept of "White fragility." How can the concepts of White fragility presented in the first chapter of Diangelo's book on the subject be useful in creating a mindful practice of dialogue between Whites and other minorities (base your response on King's perspective in Mindful of Race)?
Extra credit.You are not required to respond to this last series of questions.Response to the question will not necessarily translate into extra point unless it directly and precisely responds to the questions.
4. To what extent do the assigned readings (Marger and King) provide context for understanding the concepts of White fragility and the changing nature of race classifications such as from the prior criteria for defining Blacks "one drop rule" to people defining themselves as multiracial such as Meghan Markle?


The Relevance Of White Ethnicity Studies
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The Relevance Of White Ethnicity Studies
A great deal of the present social science literature examining race considers it a social construct related to self-identification and a notion of racial belonging by self and others. It also recognizes that social patterns and principles that classify ethnic groups with delineable characteristics, for instance, the one-drop rule, influence the interpretation and use of race. These outcomes include socio-economic conditions, levels of income, dispositions, health status, political representation, and restraint, among others. Race is an unchangeable, persistent, and permanent state of being that renders an individual's social standing, ordinary experiences, social connections, and tendencies as compelling precursors of a range of socio-economic conditions, levels of income, dispositions, health status, political representation and restraint outcomes

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