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Reaction Paper
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Appeal Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


An appeal letter. This a form of reaction letter written to the appeal committee explaining the unwarranted poor grades in a previous written essay. It also provide evidence by the student of the standard followed in the previous essay written.

Course Name
Appeals Committee
Re; Personal Appeal
Please, I am writing this letter based on the grade I achieved on my essay. I have gone through the evaluation, and I feel the issues raised do not warrant for a poor grade. I will provide evidence that I followed the required standards.
First, please note that I followed the basic structure of an essay. I have organized my essay in three distinct parts. The essay has the introduction, body, and conclusion section. This makes it possible for the reader to get what the essay is about in the introduction. In the introduction, there is a thesis statement stating what is addressed in the essay. My thesis statement was “A reflection on problems with a naturalness that Cole thinks will hinder the stewardship of wilderness areas in the future will help in showing how Cronon’s “rethinking of wilderness” can be effectively applied to solve the problems.” The body part provides argument to the problem being addressed while the summary part helps in putting all the arguments together.
Moreover, the portfolio wanted an opinion on the solution to challenges of naturalness. In my opinion, Cronon ideas were best in solving the problems. As a result, I began by describing the problems listed by Cole. Then I outlined ways in which Cronon’s ideas could be used to solve the problems.
The other thing with my essay is that each paragraph started with a topic sentence. The role of the topic sentence was to summarize the general idea in the paragraph. Hence, it was easy for the reader to get an idea of what is in the paragraph even without going through the whole paragraph. For this reason, the syntax and grammar errors noted in my essay could not make it difficult to understand the arguments.
The report also notes that my essay had many summaries with little integration of author’s ideas. I disagree with this verdict. This is because the portfolio asked on opinion based...
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