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An Analysis Of The Film “Homecoming King” By Hasan Minhaj 2017 (Reaction Paper Sample)


write an analysis of the homecoming king

Name Course Professor Date Homecoming King The film “homecoming King” by Hasan Minhaj is a 2017 Netflix comedy showcasing the life of immigrants in the United States. The starring, who is also the writer of the video, Hasan Minhaj grows up in an India American Muslim background. The story begins with Minhaj’s parents getting married in India before moving to America and ends with him auditioning for Jon Stewart. Minhaj is a United States born child to Indian parents who moved to the country in hope for a good life and fulfill their dreams. His mother returned to India to further her studies as a doctor; therefore Minhaj stayed with his father in his childhood in America (Minhaj, 23’). Her mother later rejoins them in the United States with a five-year-old sister who Minhaj did not know. The video describes the experiences of Minhaj in trying to fit into the American culture as well as their Indian traditions; he calls this the New Brown America. During his stay in America, he is bullied and mistreated. He also finds it difficult to maintain his relationship with his American girlfriend Bethany Reed, because of the racial differences. Additionally, in a flashback, Minhaj remembers how their family car was vandalized after 9/11. Reflection The video successfully characterizes the life of an immigrant in the United States. Minhaj’s story brings out the lives of immigrants in various countries but Minhaj faces the societal expectations, he is adamant to prove that the immigrants and the hosts are all equal. Heroism Despite his humble background and being an immigrant, Minhaj is able to be successful in life. In his life through high school, he is discriminated and treated as an outcast because of his race but, at the end of the video, he is shown as a successful performer performing for Stewart. A tale of two Americans The video is based on stories of two individuals, Raisuddin and Mark. Raisuddin, before moving to America was working for his country’s air force. He found a job as an attendant at Dallas minimart. On the other hand, Mark is presented as an American born child who had bad childhood experiences. He was detained as a youth before being imprisoned when he was of age. Mark grew up and became a white supremacist. After 9/11 attack, mark went into the mini-mart and shot three people; one is Raisuddin, and two other attendants (Giridharandas, 5’). Only Raisuddin survived the shot but afterward was left by his girlfriend and a hospital debt. Raisuddin later worked hard and took a part-time job as an IT attendant. He eventually got a good paying job. Later in the video, Raisuddin was able to forgive mark publicly for shooting him, but he could not save him from being executed. Reflection In the video, both the main characters experience deferent backgrounds. This seems to shape th...
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