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Reflection Paper on Frankenstein Literature & Language Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


The reaction paper contemplates on the story of frankenstein and how he was brought to life. This is a reaction paper on the value of the creation of this character and why he was made. In the end of the paper, the thoughts of the creator of this man-made creature will be exposed.


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Literature and Language
28 February 2020
A Reflection Paper on Frankenstein
We could understand a fictitious story by studying and learning who the author is. Knowing and having a bit of knowledge about the person who wrote the very subject of this paper will lead us into the purpose why Victor Frankenstein was brought to life. This story has raised the eyebrows of skeptics and thriller fans. The author of Frankenstein named as Godwin Shelley started writing this unique story of Victor during her most desperate times. She was a mother of several children known to have died in a series of unknown deaths. Her authorship was kept as a secret for many years and she even said that people persecuted her for writing such a dangerous and hideous story line. No one could fathom how a young woman who had children write a horrible tale of a man who tried to break the laws of nature and play God. The story was magnificent getting the attention of directors, story writers, writers and a huge number of audience. Victor Frankenstein was created into books and movies, earning multi-million dollars of cash. The story focused primarily on the life of Victor although there were other characters such as the parents of Victor and his colleagues as a scientist. A graduate of the University of Ingolstadt, he was known to be interested in physical sciences and aimed to create a new scientific invention by using both new and old scientific systems and applications (Shelley M.).

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