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Anthropologists Ethnographic fieldwork Social Sciences Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


Challenges of ethnographic fieldwork


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Anthropologists Ethnographic Fieldwork
Ethnographic fieldwork demands that the process of observation be in a natural setting failure to which the results might be vague. The ethics of anthropology demand that the participants be informed that they are under observation. On this assignment I managed to note down almost all the activities I engage in throughout the day. However, there are certain activities I considered private and would not feel entirely comfortable indulging in knowing someone was watching. For instance, issues relating to my health, family, and religion are confidential and would certainly shy away from them knowing that I am under observation.
My change in behavior will automatically have a negative impact on the results of the observation. The main aim of an ethnographic study is to gain authentic cultural information from natural observation. However, I would not be comfortable to interact with my family as I usually do because of fear of being judged by a stranger. I will be very uncomfortable and will have to fake my behavior to please the researcher and to hide my normal behavior. At the end of the fieldwork, the anthropologist is likely to make the wrong conclusions because my actions were not natural.

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