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The Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement Social Sciences Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


Watch youtube video- Dodge revolutionary union movement-talking to General Baker: revolutionary Detroit auto.
100-200 word response.
1. What did I learn from the video?
2. What moments made the biggest impression on me?
3.How does the video connect to what we've learned in the class? Race and income inequalities are not the way of capitalism. Please expand more on this.


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The Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement
The Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement (DRUM) capitalized on the existing weaknesses to generate rights for black workers despite immense opposition from the police and government officials. Similarly, today’s labor unions should go beyond their comfort zones to make sure that workers’ interests are adequately represented. Further, just as General Baker and his team had a clear goal and mission, labor unions today need to set precise objectives and stick to them. Another core lesson from this video is that the misconstrued perception of capitalism during General Baker’s time is not beneficial to firms since it undermines productivity and profitability. The biggest moments from this dialogue is the extent to which government officials and the police were willing to go to muffle the efforts by black workers to fight for their rights. General Baker even had to go to exile in Cleveland. Fortunately, their efforts paid off eventually.

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