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Public Budgeting (Research Paper Sample)

Second short writing assignment, Public Budgeting PADM 6834and MSUS 8850 In your own words, not to exceed 500, what are supplemental appropriations, recitations and deferrals (as discussed by Rubin in her book) as tools for changing the budget after the budget year as begun? source..
Second Writing Assignment: Public Budgeting Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Second Writing Assignment: Public Budgeting The issue of public budgeting is interesting especially due to its inherently political nature. It involves various factors such as the legislators, public officers, interest groups, and the public, who are out to serve their interests as they bargain the concept of a public budget. The majority of the bargains occur during the beginning of a new budget when various tools are put to task to propel the pact. Some of these tools include supplementation appropriations, recitations, and deferrals. According to Rubin (2016), supplemental appropriation refers to an apportionment ratified to a consistent yearly appropriations act, when there is an extreme urgency of funds to be pushed to the next annual appropriations act. The mentioned interest groups submit requests expecting the need for supplemental authority only under exceptional situations as authorized by the Constitution. The Antideficiency Act allows appropriations to be made that shows the need for additional budget authority only when emergencies emerge associated with the protection of property, the safety of human life, and other related emergencies. Recitations are the acts of reciting from past actions or memory before an audience (Rubin, 2016). It helps to show the public that the supplemental appropriation budget is essential to solving the emergency as it was used in other instances in the past years. On the other hand, deferral is a ...
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