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Black Square Painting. Visual & Performing Arts Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


It was a research paper meant to expound on why black square painting is a piece of art.


Why “Black Square” Painting is a Piece of Art
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Why “Black Square” Painting is a Piece of Art
The 20th century was characterized by different forms of art that expanded the human experience. Different artists captured the realities of the world, through varying subject matters in their art. In his popular painting, “Black Square” (c.1915), Kazimir Malevich attempted to capture human existence and experience in an unruly world. He depicts the beginning as nothingness, which grows with time to complex spiritualistic levels. Unlike other paintings, Black Square was quite small in size, 79.5cm by 79.5cm, and simplistic, as it featured a black square on a white surface (Ideelart, 2018). Critics have questioned its credibility as a work of art, arguing that it does not follow the complex and lively structure used in other Cubo-Futurist paintings. Malevich posited that "Black Square" is a visual image to express life in a reductionist manner. “Black Square” qualifies to be a piece of art as it has a thematic meaning to it, that expresses the zero point of existence, and also follows some general rules of Cubo-Futurism.

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