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The Influence of Rap and Hip-Hop Music (Research Paper Sample)


The Influence of Rap and Hip-Hop Music
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The lyrical quality of hip hop music is a highly debated and under-studied trend of pop culture. This logic provides a content study of the lyrics of the most popular mainstream rap music across two years. The study uncovered 4 main themes surrounding women and minorities: aligned with norms in popular pornography, women are typically depicted as sex slaves, specifically strippers and prostitutes, women's issues are used explicitly in music to "sell" unique representations of women and gender beliefs, and women are always valued for their fidelity to male partners despite the threat of being at risk. We find that common hip hop primarily focuses on commercial pornography, which leads to the "pornification" of younger generations. They are downgraded because they are normally seen as people of no value. Centered on production theory, this research examined the lyrical nature of famous trap and hip-hop songs on Billboard's 'Hot 100' list during 2002 and 2012. Pop songs have been categorized into one or all of the following identified four elements: disrespectful words, rape/sexual harassment, sexual fantasy, and physical abuse. Dominance over, misogyny, and abuse against women have been reported as prevalent in the content analysis study. Famous American hip-hop and rap stars, such as Lil Wayne, Tupac, and Jah Rule, have largely portrayed women as property of aggression or toxic masculinity by emphasizing that "submission is a good quality in a woman" (Stankiewicz & Rosselli, 2008, p. 581). These tracks encourage male supremacy in which "men will find the control and mistreatment of women or other men to not only be anticipated but also to be ordered" (Prushank, 2007, p. 161)
Literature Review
Domestic abuse is a pressing problem that is often seen from the press as 

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