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How The Disease Is Caused And The Various Treatment Options Available (Research Paper Sample)


ThE assignment was about fibromyalgia and it was to provide a research on how the disease is caused and the various treatment options AVAILABLE.


Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that affects the body muscles as well as soft tissues and the condition is well known for causingchronic pain at the numerous tender points, stiffness at the joints as well as systemic symptoms that include; fatigue, mood swing, insomnia and dysfunction of the cognitive system which is not associated by a well-defined underlying disease (Bigatti, Hernandez, Cronan, Rand, 2008). However, the condition can be associated with specific disease like psychiatric, rheumatic pathologies diabetes as well as body infections. Besides, the diagnosis of the condition is typically clinical meaning that any form of laboratory abnormalities does not exist which compel the physician to keenly focus on the body pain and its associated features. In regard to its treatment, the core objective of the administered treatment are meant to alleviate the associated pain, enhance restorative sleep and enhance the general body physical functioning. However, it is known that most of the anti-inflammatory drugs as well as opioids have less benefit while the most reliable one are anti-depressants as well as neuro-modulating antiepileptic (Bigatti, Hernandez, Cronan, Rand, 2008).. Therefore, this paper will focus on discussing healthcare plan for alternative approaches to the effective treatment of Fibromyalgiaconsidering that the condition has never had an effective conventional mode of treatment that is exclusively reliable on the long run.
Fibromyalgia symptoms
Fibromyalgia is associate with numerous symptoms and signs that include; deep muscle pain, painful joint, as well as morning stiffness. Other symptoms that are considered commonly associated with the condition include; Sleep distraction whereby the majority of victims of fibromyalgia often complain of disorders associated with lack of sleep which are involved in its pathogenesis. Based on the information from electroencephalographic assessment, the fourth stage of sleep is the one mostly distracted and it is considered that the cause of sleep distraction is due to the deficit of GH as well as insulin such a growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Considering the fact that these hormones are used in the micro trauma or muscle repair, the ultimate healing of the tissues is then affected by sleep distraction
Another symptom is irritable bowel syndrome that affects both men and women, some may end up encountering painful menstrual cramps, to some people, they end up having numbness as well as tingling in their feet, hands, legs and arms and lastly is urinary associated symptoms such as pain or frequency in urination.
Genetic Factors such as genetic predisposition is considered likely one of the key factors leading to the fibromyalgia whereby transmission is known to be polygenic. From numerous genes that are investigated to be causing the condition, the most notable one is associated with neurotransmitters(Bigatti, Hernandez, Cronan, Rand, 2008). Again, the serotoninrelay gene is associated by polymorphism of one nucleotide the (S) for short allele which has been confirmed to be more dominant in patients who are affected by the fibromyalgia condition and also those having psychological distress
Immune System whereby the majority of patients having problems with their immune systems have the tendency of developing fibromyalgia.
Psychiatric Aspects whereby the majority of people who have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia have a close association with psychiatric problem which have been confirmed to be a contributing factor to the condition. For instance, the prevalence of psychiatric condition amongst the victims of fibromyalgia is more profound than those patients who complain to have rheumatic diseases. The most psychiatric conditions associated with the disease is panic disorder, anxiety, posttraumatic stress and dysthymia. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that depression is mostly associated with the condition than with other known musculoskeletal conditions (Griffin, 2017).
Peripheral Tissues for example the skin, muscle, as well as micro vessel have been confirmed to have close association with fibromyalgia
Trigger Factors such as infections have been considered to be part of causative agents that lead to the induction of fibromyalgia. For example viruses such as HCV, Parvovirus, HIV and Coxsackie with other types of bacteria such as Borrelia have close relationship with fibromyalgia condition(Jaffe, 2005). Furthermore, other trigger factors may include; physical trauma, chemical substance and vaccination may led to the condition.
Health care choices focusing on the alternative healing approaches
There are various healthcare choices that patients suffering from Fibromyalgia can incorporate in their treatment procedures to facilitate the healing of the condition. The first one according to Ablin. Et. al (2013), “Mild FMS whereby the patients has continue involving in physical, social, mental, activities which does not entail specialist care or even any additional therapies and this moderate FMS which entails carrying out aerobic exercises, which should be accompanied by limited specialist care or limited drug therapy.” The third one is severe FMS or rather moderate FMS that is undertaken without response to therapies such as psychotherapeutic and psychiatric therapy of the mental comorbidities and lastly is long term management of all FMS which can be achieved through self-managementwithoutnecessarily using drugs.
For instance, there are various alternative supplements that are considered viable means of treating of fibromyalgia and these include; 5-HTP of rather (5-Hydroxytryptophan) (Ablin. Et. al. 2013). This type of supplement is known to be a building block for the brain chemical known as serotonin. For instance, researches have confirmed that decreased levels of serotonin is leads to high cases of depression and since depression is also known to be among the symptom of fibromyalgia, thus at any point, increasing the level of serotonin in the braining will ultimately help to better moods due to low or no depression. Furthermore, according to Jaffe, (2005)“some studies have established that the 5-HTP supplements have the capability of regulating anxiety as well as insomnia some level of pain emanating from fibromyalgia and also morning stiffness which are just but a some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia.”
Another well-known conventional alternative is the SAMe also known as the S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine. This is a substance containing amino acid derivative which has the capability of boosting the levels of serotonin as well as dopamine which is also a brain chemical. Research have confirmed that SAMe has the capability of improving personal mood and level of sleep(Ablin. Et. al. 2013).
Another consideration for conventional alternative healing method is magnesium. For instance, low levels of magnesium in the body is directly linked to fibromyalgia. However, having relatively high levels of magnesium in the body can help counter various fibromyalgia symptoms. On the contrary researches have not justified critically that taking supplements of magnesium might improve the symptoms of the condition.
The other supplement that provides alternative healing is Melatonin. This is substance is hormone in nature and it is often used in as a supplement to enhance sleep besides, the supplement is also capable of reducing the level of fibromyalgia pain. Lastly, the St, John’s wort supplement. This substance is herbal in nature and it is considered capable of treating various fibromyalgia symptoms as well, there have not been credible justification that the substance is bale work effectively. However, some studies have confirmed that the substance is in a positionof helping to counter mild depression which to some studies, it can counter the effectiveness of some other types of medication
Lifestyle and diet support therapy to combat specific ailments and conditions
For instance, fibromyalgia is known to have no specific treatment considering that its symptoms are vast and difficult to establish their originality. However, since it is a condition that attacks the muscles, it has been established that having lifestyle as well as dietary support therapy can help to counter the condition. For example, one symptom of fibromyalgia is stress and depression. In this regard, stress is directly linked to obesity which also is caused by having poor diet. Therefore, by studying various alternative treatments for the condition, lifestyle and dietary is very crucial considering that some of the symptoms associated with the condition are linked to other lifestyle and dietary condition. In this regard, having defined lifestyle will not only help counter other known diseases but also fibromyalgia which many people presume that it has less effects than other famous diseases.Therefore, below are some of the lifestyle and diet alternatives methods that can be used to treat the condition on long run.
Using herbal medicine and remedies safely
There are various herbal substances that have been confirmed to have the ability to treat fibromyalgia and these include; Sedative Herbs such as relaxing nerviness has the capability of promoting sleep and still the substance can be used to achieve deep as well as restful sleep throughout the entire night. However, it is known that not all sedative herbs work the same for all patients since the constitution of the individual and the composition of the herbs need to be put into consideration.
Adaptogen herbs such as Withaniasomnifera have the capability of supporting the resilience of the body to stress factors and this is achieved due to the fact that the substance contain nutrients that nourishes and supports the nervous system while some of the substances are known to have the capability of promo...
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