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Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers (Research Paper Sample)


Genetic engineering and the paper discusses the disadvantages of genetic engineering


Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers
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Genetic engineering is a scientific method of altering the nature and structure of an organism’s gene using the method of cell transformation. When an organism’s genes are altered it affects its characteristics (Angerson, 2000). Genetic engineering results in desirable effects and can sometimes result in undesirable effects. It has been a debate for a while now about whether genetic engineering should be used or not. Religions view genetic engineering as competition with God and do not allow it’s used for whatsoever reason (Epstein, 2001). The ethical views behind the use of genetic engineering could result in and for seen problems. Dangers that could result from the use of genetic engineering are discussed below.
Genetic engineering is associated with genetic anomalies. Genetic change of an organism could result in unknown abnormities that 

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