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Amazon's Market Analysis (Research Paper Sample)


What are the main factors that contribute to Amazon's success in the online retail market, and how has the company addressed the challenges and opportunities it faces in its market segmentation, competition, and marketing strategy? How has Amazon's performance in sales and customer satisfaction changed in the past three years, and what steps can the company take to maintain its market leadership in the future?


Program Capstone (Unit 3) Market Analysis
Apart from operating as an online bookstore, Amazon sells any product available online. The majority of its customers are in the middle and upper-class, both male and female. Even though Amazon is recognized in the local and international markets, it is essential to understand its target market. Even though it is currently leading in the online retail business, there is still stiff competition from other reputable companies. Competition comes from different business segments, including online stores, physical stores, and among others. The paper provides a comprehensive analysis of the company's target market, market segmentation, competition, and market strategy. Apart from discussing its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, the paper will analyze the industry in which Amazon operates. 
Program Capstone (Unit 3) Market Analysis
Amazon is considered one of the most prominent online vendors globally and is undoubtedly the first company to advance in the online retail space. Even though the company began its operations as an online bookstore, its achievements in its undertaking motivated it to expand its services into selling any product available online. Moreover, the company has expanded its market base internationally. Currently, it

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