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JC Penney Company: Mission, Vision, and Why It Failed (Research Paper Sample)


THE TASK WAS TO IDENTIFY A COMPANY AND ANALYZE IT BY FINDING THE MISSION, VISION, AND GOALS, then ASSESSING THE MISSION AND VISION TOGETHER WITH GOALS if they HAD MEANING. Identifying the main reasons why the business of the company failed by providing evidence. In addition, discussing the company's business management basics and stating what it would have done differently to be more successful.


JC Penney
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JC Penney
JC Penney is a retail company in America that was founded in 192. The founder of the company was James Cash Penney, and the company was formerly known as J.C Penny Stores Company between 1913 to 1924. The company is marketing home furnishing, cookware, cosmetics, and apparel. The company operates approximately eight hundred stores in Puerto Rico and the United States (Kolnick, 2019). The headquarters of this company is in Plano, Texas. The primary focus of this paper will generally be on the JC Penney Company, where some of the areas to be discussed are the mission, vision, and why the company failed.
Mission, Vision, and Goals
JC Penney Company had a mission, vision, and even goals to be achieved within a specific period. The mission statement of this company was to assist their customers or clients find the things they loved for less money, effort, and time. Based on their mission statements, they revealed the importance of ensuring that customers are offered outstanding services to make the firm or that [articular organization achieves their success. The components of the company’s mission statement include simplifying shopping and improving lives. They wanted to provide their clients with top quality and the latest products in various categories. They improved people’s lives by saving time spent shopping (Kolnick, 2019). The company was so flexible that they integrated a system where the customers could be served at their comfort. It was meant to simplify the shopping experiences 

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