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How to market the new apple laptop. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


preparing an advertising campaign


Apple, a leading technology company, has launched and released the new Apple MacBook Air to the market. This gadget comes with super great features which include ; super speed performance, extra and sufficient storage and a magic keyboard making it the best gadget for any person who is interested in making a statement, getting value for money and portraying self-confidence. Above all the price is very fair considering the great experience that one gets when using the laptop. In regards to this, Apple has also launched an advertisement campaign aimed at promoting its new product.
The main objective of this advertising campaign is to improve the attitude of consumers towards the New MacBook Air. Other objectives include; increasing sales of the Apple MacBook Air, enhancing Apple’ s brand image and building up the confidence level on the organization by consumers among other objectives. This campaign therefore focuses on ensuring that a consumer thinks of nothing else but the new MacBook Air whenever they need to purchase the laptop.
The target markets of the new Apple MacBook Air Pro are people with high involvement in the purchase of laptops. These people include professional managers and executives, developers, photographers and creative professionals. This is because such people are mostly interested in speed of service, advanced features and capabilities all which are available in the Apple MacBook Air. They are also interested in high quality product which in turn gives the quality results in their work. All this can be achieved through the new Apple laptop. The people in this target markets usually form attitudes about a product and base their decision of purchasing it based on a few things which include;

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