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McDonald’s Analysis Business & Marketing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


McDonald’s Analysis


McDonald’s Analysis
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McDonald’s Analysis
McDonald’s is one of the leading American fast food giants with numerous chains across the globe. The company was started in 1948 by the McDonald brothers Maurice and Richard (Mieth, 2007). Currently, McDonald’s operates in over 120 countries worldwide and has more than 36,900 restaurants, which serve around 65 million customers daily (Love, 2008). The company’s innovative business models, strategic market positioning, and strong management have historically contributed to McDonald’s expansion and success in the highly competitive fast food industry.
The company originally bought all its appliances from a small salesman known as Ray Kroc. The latter was intrigued by the fact that a small business needed big appliances and decided to pay a visit in 1954. The brothers had made use of the "Speedee Service System," which involved a self-service counter and eliminated the need to hire waiters or waitresses. Kroc became interested in the business and offered to start a franchise program that helped further modernize the company (Mattern, 2011). In one year, a McDonald franchise was opened in Illinois, and the McDonald Corporation was formed. With time, Kroc would buy out the McDonald brothers. The company continued to experience growth, and started trading the shares publicly by 1965.

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