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Impact of Mobile Technology on Businesses Business Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Impact of Mobile computing on Businesses
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Impact of E-commerce Technology
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Impact of E-Commerce Technology
E-commerce is the conversation conventional between users at different places with their mobile gadgets.
It has become our third member bringing the entire world into the control of our hand. Significantly, these phenomenon have also influenced the way we convey information, interactions and how we operate our trade
Evolution has occurred in the mobile devices world with development such as laptops, GPS navigation, networking and computing technologies, smartphones, and PDA with different security. With development of wireless technology including and not limited to; WIFI, WiMax and Ad Hoc Network, surfing is made easy without the use of cable restrictions as experienced earlier. Therefore, the level of acceptance of mobile devices has been increasing rapidly in day to day lives. This paper focuses on mobile computing with clear evaluation on business application to enhance development, efficiency and profitability in the business.
Improved customer experience

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