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Online Sales Tax Business & Marketing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the research paper included a discussion of whether it is constitutionally permissible fo internet retailers like amazon to be required to collect sales taxes from purchasers in all states it sells its products.


Connor Morgan
Bus 200
Professor Sprishen
Tax Paper
Online Sales Tax
When a retailer attaches an additional amount that is payable by the consumer onto an item that the consumer buys as a tax payment, that payment is called a sales tax. Online sales tax, otherwise known as e-commerce tax is a sales tax that is charged by an online retailer. The constitutionality of charging an online sales tax is a subject of discussion for many. However, amendments to the constitution make it legal to charge such a fee. Online sales taxes by online retailers and can be made legal through establishing a nexus since such taxes are useful in several ways. By making this a necessity, tax collection is made possible.
The constitution requires that a connection is established between the state and the business people together with consumers. The link is known as a nexus. According to Thimmesch, Shanske, and Ganske," the Court referred to its Polar Tankers21 opinion in stating that "nexus is established when the taxpayer [or collector] 'avails itself of the substantial privilege of carrying on business' in that jurisdiction."(Thimmesch, Shanske and Ganske 977).A nexus carries out several functions about sales taxes, including creating a condition that allows for a taxpayer to impose a tax and establishing a reasonable scale for business activity that can warrant the imposition of a fee. When used as a scale, a nexus measures two things—the amount of business and extent of business a company does. If a taxpayer has a nexus to a particular state, then it is paramount that they pay taxes to that state as is required by law.

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