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E-Government Services in the UAE Business & Marketing Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


the paper required answering the FOLLOWING questions:
What is e-gov?
how is it used in the UAE?/
How has it benefited the UAE?


E-Government Services in the UAE
Institutional Affiliation
E-Government Services in the UAE
E-Government is one of the emerging trends in governance across the contemporary world. It provides a platform for governments to interact with civil servants, communities, businesses, and citizens. E-Government portals facilitate the communication of relevant information within government agencies, online tax registration, filing of returns, civil service job applications, etc. E-Governance entails four types of services: government-to-business (G2B), government-to-citizen (G2C), government-to-government (G2G), and government-to-employee (G2E). G2B involves the exchange of services between the government and business organizations. It outlines the relevant rules and regulations that businesses must comply with, provides information promptly to businesses, and ensures access to government services and agencies (Bhattacharya & Goswami, 2011). Therefore, G2B plays a critical role in business growth and development and promotes transparency of the projects carried out between the two parties. G2C refers to the government services accessed by ordinary citizens. It provides quick access to government services, including filing tax returns and license renewal, which eliminates the need to travel to government agencies. G2G involves interactions between government agencies, departments, and organizations. It facilitates effective communication within the government and fosters collaboration in providing public service. Moreover, it promotes international relations and diplomatic issues (Ntulo & Otike, n.d.). Lastly, G2E is an integral part of e-Governance that deals with knowledge sharing and teamwork among government employees. It provides access to services such as leave application, payment records, salary reviews, and work calendars. In addition, G2E includes employee training and development for the provision of better public service. E-Government focuses on the utilization of technology to improve service delivery, enhance efficiency, increase accountability and transparency, and empower the citizens. The figure below outlines the four types of e-Government services.
1994600Figure 1. Types of e-Government Services (Zelada, 2012)
The provision of high-quality value-added services through the utilization of the internet and e-Government services should be the aim of government agencies. Their efficiency, accuracy, and ease of accessibility should increase the citizens’ desire to utilize them. An understanding of how they work is imperative. Therefore, this study seeks to achieve the following objectives:
1 To examine the current situation and progress of e-Government.
2 To determine the advantages and disadvantages of e-Government in the United Arab Emirates.
3 To analyze the challenges associated with e-Government implementation.
4 To understand the impact of e-Government on the United Arab Emirates.

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