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Application of Hard and Soft Technology at Chipotle Mexican Grill (Research Paper Sample)


This was a research paper. It required me (the writer) to research a company that dwells in the food industry. The best company of choice that I decided to write about is Chipotle Mexican Grill.
This task, also, required me to research and determine the effects of the application of soft and hard technology as far as management, operation, marketing, and sustenance are concerned.
Considering that it was a research paper, the client expected me to arrange my arguments by employing sub-topics.
An additional piece of instruction expected me to discuss barriers to technology applications as well as strategies that my company of choice has put in place to curb the existing barriers.
Four sources were mandatory and a proper in-text citation was a must.


Application of Hard and Soft Technology at Chipotle Mexican Grill
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Chipotle Mexican Grill
Hard and Soft Technology for Global and Domestic Environment
Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the oldest company as far as is lie of production and industry is concerned. It has been a recipient and utilizer of both soft and hard technology as far as both domestic and global environment is concerned. Starting with hard technology, Chipotle has recently adopted a plastic free and smart packing in both domestic and global environment. Chipotle has gradually faced out the use of plastics bags to readily decomposable food packaging. All the food outlets within the United States and other parts of the world have upheld this hard technology (Chipotle: Solving business problems with technology for the win, 2022).
Secondly, this company has also adopted an online ordering system. This is a soft technology where customers can sign up as customers on Chipotle websites and then order ready food. This technology has been adopted both locally and internationally. The result of this transition has led to an efficient fund raising that is achieved through extensive sales (Chipotle Mexican Grill tests RFID technology in 200 restaurants, 2022).
Instead of the traditional food preparation techniques, Chipotle Mexican grill is now assembling ingredients and preparing them with the help of scientifically proven methods. This is a soft technology that has been implemented both locally and international as far as Chipotle outlets are concerned.
To aid in fast food

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