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Egypt's Macro Environment and Factor Endowments (Research Paper Sample)


The paper entailed investigating a country’s Macro Environment and Factor Endowments. Egypt was selected based on its dynamic positioning. Ultimately, the next step was showing how and why Egypt is a renowned harbor for foreign direct investments, and its various legislations and cultural orientations that apply to the locals and foreigners in different magnitudes. It would be easy to define why Egypt has a favorable economic condition, especially when compared to other African countries


Country Analysis-Egypt
Assignment 1
Student’s Name
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Country Analysis-Egypt
Table of Contents u

Country’s Macro Environment  3

Factor Endowments  6

Analysis  7

Recommendation and Conclusion  7

References  9

Appendix  10

Real GDP growth and Inflation (Annual)  10

Egypt Population Growth (Millions of people)  11

Trade ranking  11
Country’s Macro Environment
Egypt is selected for analysis and is a highly dynamic country on different levels, principally economically and geographically. Egypt is officially a transcontinental country with linkages to two continents. It is located in the northeast most section of Africa and southwest of Asia. Originally identified as Egypt, the country has experienced recent political developments leading to the country being termed the Arab Republic of Egypt. The country is currently ruled by Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who serves as President. Egypt’s population currently stands at 109,262,178 people as per the 2021 records (The World Bank Group, 2023). On the other hand, the annual population growth rate is 1.7%. Egypt is one of the wealthiest countries globally and also has a fairly managed economy. Egypt's economy is ranked second and African and 33rd globally. The large economic positioning of Egypt in Africa and internationally is a basis for key developments, especially in the most promising and performing sectors. Infrastructure and information technology are primary aspects of the economic status of Egypt. The country has at least 64,000 kilometers of roads, both in the primary and secondary infrastructural categories (Nations Encyclopedia, 2023). While the country has notable traffic problems, it is relatively effective compared to most countries, especially in African and different developing states. There is a notable aspect of aviation infrastructure, including being home to at least 90 airports. In addition, Egypt Air, the country’s official airline, is one of the busiest and most successful in Africa and internationally especially judging by the millions of people carried annually. The large

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