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Funding Sources (Research Paper Sample)


Order ID 1004717 Back to the list of orders Research Paper, Systems science Unit 3 Blog Proposal designs Deadline: 2014-01-28 3:26 AM Time left: -17 days 12h 48m Status : completed Number of pages: 1 Cost per page: $4.00 Total: $4.00 Created: 2014-01-25 3:25 AM Level: High School Grade: Guaranteed 2:1 Standard (Normal Charge); Pages: 1 Style: APA Country: [USA (GMT -5)] Sources: 3 Language Style: English (U.K.) Project description Exploring Funding Sources Blog You have learned through your readings about funding sources that are available for organizations. In this unit, you will discuss the funding sources that would be appropriate for the not-for-profit organization that you have been discussing. Using information from this unit’s readings, respond to the following questions/statements: •Explore one of the sites listed in the readings that would be appropriate for your not-for-profit organization. •After exploring one of the sites, share with the class specific information about the funding site. Please also discuss a funding opportunity that you identified on the site that would be a good match for your not-for-profit organization. •Would your organization most benefit from funding from foundations, businesses, government grants, or state/city government grants? Why? Please visit the following websites: 1.The foundation center: 2.State grant website link (find your own state from this resource): 3.Federal government site:

Funding Sources
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January, 26, 2014
Funding Sources
My not – for – profit organization, which will endeavor to provide tutors to inner city children with a bid to increase their number in college, will mostly be able to gain valuable funding resources from Grant.Gov website. The site provides valuable information to different sectors of the industry which is deemed beneficial.
At a glance, any person using the site will gain access to the grantors, the outreach program which reveals the calendar and trainings on how to apply for the grants (Licklider, 2012). This will help me in planning which time would be best to request for the grant. The site is funded by 26 grant making agencies of the Grant Executive board, which determine its algorithm and budget (Forest & Altbach, 2006).
The site has offered an opportunity for a grant that I believe will be effective in funding my not – for – profit organization. This is the secondary education, two – year post high school education and agriculture in the K – 12 classroom grant challenge program (which is fu...
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