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Can South Africa Be a New Call Center Capital? (Research Paper Sample)


Can South Africa Be a New Call Center Capital?


Can South Africa Be a New Call Center Capital?
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Can South Africa Be a New Call Center Capital?
South Africa’s information and communication technology (ICT) sector is already established, but it is still developing and expected to be more efficient. Due to its established technological infrastructure, the country currently acts as a supply base and regional hub for neighboring countries. Besides, the promising growth in ICT in the country has attracted attention from many international companies aiming to outsource their business structures to African call centers. Therefore, South Africa can become the new call center capital if it fully embraces international call center features that enhance business process outsourcing (BPO).
One of the critical features of a call center is efficiency. Call centers are intended to take up non-core functions of organizations to allow them to focus on their crucial business functions (Lacity, Willcocks, & Craig, 2014). Therefore, a call center must provide operational efficiency. In this case, South African business process outsourcing organizations can provide better operational efficiency standards than other call center capitals such as the Philippines. This is due to the country’s high technological standards and good internet connectivity. Most business process outsourcing organizations incorporate new customer care practices, have robust call center infrastructures, and utilize language optimization to ensure efficiency. With all these features, South Africa can potentially become a robust call center capital.
Besides efficiency, a call center must deliver high-quality services. Today, organizations increasingly compete based on customer experience; hence, many outsourcing organizations demand better call center performance (Banks & Roodt, 2011). While South African business process outsourcing firms deliver efficiency, they lack quality. Therefore, the country’s outsourcing firms must balance efficiency and quality to achieve international standards of business process outsourcing. They can improve quality by installing outstanding infrastructure, qualified call center personnel, and maintaining current security and regulatory concerns. South Africa can create a new, robust call center capital if all these features are met and high efficiency is maintained.
Call centers also need modern management practices that enable customers to gain the highest value from operations and achieve their objectives quickly. The BPO industry is currently very competitive; BPOs must, therefore, incorporate management practices that prioritize customer needs (Banks & Roodt, 2011). The management system must also involve an active workforce optimized for cost-effectiveness. In contrast, BPOs in South Africa have inferior call center practices compared to other BPOs in countries like the Philippines. Therefore, South African BPOs must improve their call center management practices to boost employee morale and creativity. Call center managers also need to learn

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