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Effects of Airline Deregulation (Research Paper Sample)

What are the effects of Airline deregulation- 40 years after the adoption source..
Airline Deregulation- 40 Years Later Name Institutional Affiliations Airline Deregulation- 40 Years Later Summary The signing of the Airline Deregulation Act in 1978 has changed the airline industry completely. The impacts of the approach can still be felt to date. The dissolution of the Civil Aeronautical Board (CAB) which initially was accountable for the guideline of the airline flights has led to the transformation of the airline industry. Currently, the airline industry is open to entrance, fly and manipulations in terms of fares to pay. The market is flooded with numerous airlines ranging from those flying in the Eastern part, Pan Am and Braniff international. The aviation industry has for the previous years transformed into a massive dustbin of unregulated airlines in history (Smith, & Cox, 2008). Before the enactment of these regulations, airlines would only compete in terms of service provision because fares were primarily controlled by the government. Deregulation has led to the emergence of different types of airlines ranging from low –cost to high-cost related. The ultimate results have been the success of local airlines while international once become unsuccessful in their struggle to form domestic networks. The problem The deregulation process has entirely been a nasty experience, not only to the airline users but also to other airline companies. Serious consequences have been witnessed in the American aeronautical sector, especially after the abolition of the CAB. Before the 1978 Act on deregulation, the price was fixed by the government (Fitzgerald, 2015). This means that price and fare exploitation was not common for the consumers. It was the ultimate responsibility of the federal government to control and monitor market entrance by the new airlines. Forty years down the line, the sector is currently flooded as there is no restriction to the entrance. The immediate result is traffic and congestion in the space as different companies compete. Consumers have also experienced exploitation as various airlines charge high fares for travel. Besides, the dominance of the sector by one type of airline is a serious consequence. The significance of the problem The deregulation process was a monumental event whose impacts are still being felt today. The effects are there to stay for a lifetime possibly, and therefore, many people and companies have realized the important role that the CAB played in the sector. The Law- cost carriers are currently challenging the legality of other airlines which were in existence prior to the implementation of the Act (Fitzgerald, 2015). The problem of implementation of the Deregulation Act shows the paradigm that the aeronautical industry is currently facing. It provides direct impacts of the deregulation process. Alternative Actions The Congress should have considered the side effects of the deregulation process prior to its signing. The advantage of this would be to assist weigh between the pros and cons of its implementation to consumers and the larger aeronautical sector. Partial deregulation would be the best approach available to be adopted by the government. This would be achieved if the government cou...
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