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Individual Project Report in Riverside (Research Paper Sample)


the task is about an Individual Project Report of Riverside


Individual Project Report-Riverside
Institutional Affiliation
Executive Summary
Home healthcare business is the most appropriate in Riverside city since it is deemed fit as per the census data. The region has larger number of individuals living within their personal homes with some living in rentals which support the need to initiate the provision of home healthcare services. The town also has the majority consisting of youths and some old individual, unmarried persons and married individuals which need diverse care. The home healthcare business can therefore be appropriate in dealing with the health needs of people living in this town.
Riverside is the 12th largest city in California with distinct demographic characteristics. The census result shows that the city has the total population of 331,360. The population comprise of 56.5% of the whites, 34.0% of the non-Hispanics, 7% of African-Americans, 49% of the Hispanics and 7.4% of the Asians. In terms of marital status 15.1% of the female manage the households without husband, 6.9% are male running the households without wife while 49.4 are opposite sex married within the household while about 42.4% are having children. In terms of age group, 15.5% of the individuals are between the age of 18 to 24 years, 27% are between the age of 25.44 and 8.6 % of the individuals are of 65 years and above. On the same note, about 55.7% of the individuals own their own households while 44.3% are living in rentals. Also, the median income for the population is $56,403 with median income for the males being $38,920 and $28,328 for the females. The census also indicates that only 11.7% of the population is living below poverty level (Murphy, 2019). The information regarding the population living this Riverside city, the recommended is home healthcare business. The report therefore explicitly examine about the business in regard to the census information as follows;
Home Healthcare Business
This kind of business has be described with the state where the qualified health professionals with license are allowed to offer medical care services to individuals within their living environments depending on the need for the services. The healthcare industry has been developing considering the increasing emergency of infections that require comprehensive care. This business will ensure that individuals living the Riverside city get access to healthcare services at their homes hence easing the cost of traveling to seek medical assistance. Since the increase in the number of people needing care in Riverside has been recorded in the last few years, there is also expected increase in demand for the same services by the year 2026 (Březovská, 2017). This reflects how such business will be able to fetch better opportunity in Riverside.
Why Home Healthcare Business is Suitable in Riverside
Majority of the Individuals have Stable Source of Income
The income level has remained the main center of concern for the business to thrive in a particular region. The census report shows that only11.7 percent of the persons within the city are living within below poverty level (Březovská, 2017). This implies that most of the individuals in the city are capable of paying for the home healthcare services. The reliable source of income for the persons in this region can therefore facilitate home-based diagnosis of diseases, screening, laboratory services, drug provision and management of different conditions as well as home visiting to examine the response of the individuals to treatment.
In most occasions, having source of income has been associated with change in social class. This implies that being that most of people in this region can afford their daily basic needs, the healthcare services rendered to them also need to be up-graded. They spend most of their time at work hence cannot withstand the long queue within the public health facilities which seeking treatment (Březovská, 2017). Creating the home based healthcare services will therefore create an opportunity to provide reliable, convenient and satisfying services to the client within their living areas.
Similarly, as majority of people are living within the stable income limit, hence, such state has been linked with sedentary. Such kind of life is coupled with unhealthy eating habits, lack of physical activity and alcohol and substance use. This increases their risk of acquiring disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure and different forms of cancer. The home healthcare business can therefore be appropriate in identifying the risk factors to these diseases and respond to them through application of appropriate health intervention. Through healthcare services, majority of the health issues affecting the rich persons have been addressed easily as compared to when they are allowed to seek medical attention in the healthcare facilities.
Living Patterns in Riverside City
Though report indicates that most of the persons are living within their homes in the city, are still staying on the rentals which post some health risks. Some of the health risks that may wreak havoc on the health of such persons include congestion, poor waste management, poor nutrition and sharing of sanitary facilities. Introducing the home healthcare business in this region will therefore create room for reaching such people at the door step and provide them with comprehensive package of healthcare services which include nutritional education, sanitation and hygiene practices measures as well as safety practices within the living environment. The success of the business will also be possible as people living in rentals will be at a position to recommend their neighbors for them to enjoy the similar packages of the services (Březovská, 2017). It will therefore be possible to get the wide range of clients for expansion of the business.
On the same not, some of the persons living in the owned houses may require such privacy which the business may address. The home healthcare business has been found to create the ground where the association between the health practitioners and clients can be expanded for better result. The medical officers have been given the opportunity through this kind of business to obtain extensive diagnosis of the patients within their home and initiate the right care to restore their health (Ginter et al., 2018). This is because; the healthcare providers have ample time in interacting with their homes to explore more hidden health conditions for effective management.
High Social Problems among the Residence of the City
Social life is an important aspect that promotes mental wellbeing of people living together. The report by census shows that some significant number of people is living in the household without partners. This is an indication that there are high cases of domestic violence or family rivalry that force people to live a single life. This has therefore remained as a true reflection of high chances of depression among the individuals living in this area (Ginter et al., 2018). Due to higher depression cases, the home healthcare business can be crucial in examining the mental health issues affecting these people through evaluating their social life and collectively come up with right interventions for their problems.
The fact that some people are heading the households without partners shows that the must have gone through some negative experience that killed their desire to start a family. For instance, single females with children may suffer psychological problems which are coupled with not being able to consistently provide the basic needs for the children and this can only be recognized and addressed through home healthcare services provision. The introduction of this kind of business has therefore been found to be appropriate in handling family issues and promoting better social life.
Increased Aging Population in the Town
The town is majorly dominated by the young individuals with the average age of 30 years. The young populations are usually prone to numerous health risks that have potential of affecting their life. Some of the know health problems that imping upon the wellbeing of the young population include drugs and substance abuse, alcohol use, risky sex behaviors as well as poor health seeking behaviors. The introduction of home healthcare business may therefor create the platform for addressing such needs (Ginter et al., 2018). Through home oriented medical plan, all the health problems affecting youths can be handled through effective health promotion strategies, health education and behavior change interventions.
There is also some percentage of the population living in this region that fall within the aged population. This shows that, the town needs proper investment on health approaches that cater for the needs of the old. The censures result indicates that over 8% of the persons in the city comprise people with age above 65 years (Ginter et al., 2018). Such people have been found to be affected with debilitative illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, kidney problems and heart attack. The increased health problems among this group of individuals have claimed life of many old peopl

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