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Managing Change Within an Organization: Saudi Telecom Company (Research Paper Sample)


Towards a Conceptual Framework (100 points)
In this module you have examined the different types of change management frameworks. Now read, Rethinking organizational change: Towards a conceptual framework from the required reading list. This study proposes a conceptual framework incorporating the macro environment (industry-level changes) with organization-level changes to help practitioners build a more balanced approach to change management.
With this approach, consider the macro environment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Discuss the six models of managing change and which you think would work best in the KSA business environment and why?
Now consider an industry-level application based on a company in an industry that you are familiar with in the Kingdom.
Provide an overview of the company and share information about the organization’s mission, vision, values, industry, etc.
How could a macro level approach to change management, as offered by the authors, benefit this company?
Which of the six models would you use to support this macro/micro level analysis?


Managing Change within an Organization: Saudi Telecom Company
Managing Dynamic Environment
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Change Management
There has been a myriad of studies into the concept of organizational change, for this reason, the design, and execution of practical programs for large-scale transformation is deemed important in corporate performance. Lewin was one of the frontiersperson of significant change models (Samal & Chatterjee, 2020, p. 37). The researcher determined the change process into three essential steps, namely, unfreezing, change, and refreezing. Subsequent models that were developed by other researchers borrowed from extensions of the basic model, stressing extraordinary contextual matters(Samal & Chatterjee, 2020, p. 37). This paper explores the idea of change management at the Saudi Telecom Company. Some of the topics that the paper will cover include the six models of change, the advantages of the macro-level process in the Saudi Telecom company, and lastly suggest one single model out of the six that can efficiently sustain change within the company.
Six Models of Managing Change
Numerous change management models describe the phases of the shaping process of change(Rudnev, 2020, p. 335). In this paper, change is understood as situations through which the organization's performance requires a majority of the people in the organization to learn new behaviors as well as skills. Change models are certain sentences of behaviors suggested by researchers to the top organizational leadership during the change implementation in a certain approach of change definition. The models depicted below are from Deszca, et al, book, 2020, Organizational Change: An Action-Oriented Toolkit. The models of change include Lewin's three-stage model, Kotter's eight stages of organizational change, Gentile giving voice to values methodology, Duck's five-stage model, Beckhard and Harris’s change management model, and lastly, the change path model.
Lewin's model suggests a three-stage model of change, namely unfreeze, change and refreeze. According to Lewin, people need to comprehend the situation and strategy as a whole, and the elements and parts that make up the system. Before change happens, an unfreezing process should ensue within that system (Deszca, et al., 2018, p. 124). Unfreezing usually concentrates on the need to dislodge thoughts as well as speculations of the people that need to change the status quo. Unfreezing can take place due to a form of crisis. When unfreezing happens, people usually become susceptible to change. Refreezing usually takes place after the enactment of the change process. Lewin's model has stood the test of time due to its clarity. It is also perfect because it reminds organizational stakeholders that they cannot anticipate change 

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