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Relationship between Law and Morality According To Maclver (Research Paper Sample)


Write a research paper on the Relationship between Law and Morality According To Marclver


Business Law: Relationship between Law and Morality According To Marclver
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Business Law: Relationship between Law and Morality According To Marclver
In the current world, law and morality have been considered to be unrelated areas. The judgment is based on legal ethics on understanding a 'wrongness' or 'rightness’ of a particular law by the society sharing common beliefs or organizations with similar ethics. The understanding is due to loss of sense of truth on the ethics and banishment of the information on natural law undermining the sense of true rights leaving people to have no defense against unjust laws, opening room for parallel practicing of morality. According to MacIver (2012), morality is a set of concepts and rules representing society's goods, right, wrong, or bad aspects. The norm of morality is representing society based on different social groups. Moral norms are indicators to individuals on the appropriate conduct, proving the consequences of non-observance of social behaviors such as moral actions different from legal ones. The laws are systems of the norms recognized or established by the state to regulate the relations in the society according to the will of the states. The outlined laws control the conduct of different business organizations whose observance is guaranteed by the firms and states. The laws embody moral principles, thus protecting and guaranteeing fundamental values with the provision of the critical force provided by the moral obligations. The essay analyses the connection between law and morality, according to Marclver, based on influence, ethical consideration, ideology, historical foundation, and purpose.
Morality Influences Law
There is a great influence between morality and law. Effective laws are representing the moral ideas of the people. Good laws reinforce the moral conscience of the people creating and maintaining conditions that support the growth of morality. For example, laws regarding the prohibition of and spread of business greatly influence the moral conduct of participants in business activities. Morality can therefore not be separated from the operation of the business ending up promoting the general welfare and moral perfection of the organization's leaders. Therefore, it is the role of the state and business organizations to come up with laws elevating the moral standard of people. The role of the organizations or states is this conforming to the prevailing values of morality, proving the greater interconnection between morality and law.
Major breaches of moral codes impact the law, providing an instance where law and morality always merge. The influence of morals is implicitly exhibited on different laws. For example, in the commercial globe, there are laws criminalizing bribery imposing the legal roles on the directors of companies making the connection between law and morality be considered appropriate in the acceptable way of doing business. The factors impacting the laws also affect morals. Cultural, social, political, and economic factors of the society influence the moral conduct of the individuals and the procedures and type of laws to be 

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