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Google Staffing Organizational Model (Research Paper Sample)


Writing analysis on Google\'s staffing model

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Google Staffing Organizational Model
Google Incorporated is a US multinational corporation headquartered in Mountain View, California (Datamonitor Report, 2012). Google leads its market category in providing a wide range of internet related products and services. Examples of services provided by the company include internet advertising, cloud computing, software development services, and search engine services (DATAMONITOR: Google Inc. 5). The company offers advertising services through its websites. Other products from the company have been adopted for the mobile communication market such as android mobile systems. Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded the company while they were still students at Stanford University. They completed their first major invention in 1996 and incorporated it in 1998 (DATAMONITOR: Google Inc. 4).
Mission and Vision Statements
From the analysis of the company’s website, it can be seen that Google has both official and not so official mission statements. First, the company’s corporate mission and beliefs states that Google aims to organize all the information in the world and make it universally useful and accessible to any person (Ritson 48). However, a further analysis of the Google’s information shows that “don’t be evil” was included in the company’s 2004 IPO as a mission statement. This mission statement shows that Google assures its stakeholders that it aims to do good things for the world without compromising its long-term gains. The mantra ‘don’t be evil’ argues that Google does good things for its users.
Since the company focuses on organizing all the information in the world and making it accessible to everyone, its vision is focused on improving the ways people are connected to information (Reid 4). Being global but remaining truly local ensures that it serves all its stakeholders.
Goals & Objectives
The company’s goals and objectives are tied towards the realization of the overall mission of organizing all the information in the world by making it accessible to everyone. The founders of the company describe the first goal of the company as delivering a perfect search engine that understands all the needs of users and provides information on exactly what is being sought. There is no doubt that Google has done its best to deliver products and answers beyond what consumers were looking for. The variety of free products and services from the company helps to validate this goal.
The second objective of the company is ensuring faster and smarter searches. Any google search provides customized results that are valid and valuable based on the key words. All products from the company are categorized correctly according specific product categories. Third, the company aims to deliver a variety of tools and facilities that suit all types of needs on the internet and off the web. Most programs and products from the help businesses and entrepreneurs to satisfy their needs. Even though advertising is the major revenue generating tool for the company, advertising services from the company have enabled millions of other businesses to find their customers. As such, providing effective and customized advertising services is a major goal for the company. Finally, the last goal and objective of the company is building products and services that will not only help in building the web but also improving web experience. Google products like Android and Google Chrome have made access and browsing on the internet to be simple and faster.
Organizational Strategy
Larry Page and Sergin Brin envisioned and implemented a perfect strategy that has enabled Google Inc. to deliver value to customers, improve business, and build sustainable position in the market. By understanding the diversity and complexities surrounding the technological industry, company founders adopted risk avoiding strategies by analyzing the causes that led to failures of startups. Analysis of profitability levels and core competencies enabled the founders to organize their organizational strategy based on these tenets. As such, Google’s organizational was created based on capabilities, core competencies, and resources to enable it to create a strong organization driven by excellent performance and high levels of profitability (Bhatia, and Deep, 2012).
HR & Staffing Strategy
Google has one of the best-funded recruiting functions in the world. The HR team and director of recruitment at Google have made significant efforts to enhance recruitment efforts of the company. For every 14 employees, Google Inc. has 1 recruiter. This ratio shows that the company has an impressive strategy in terms of staffing the organization. The HR and staffing strategy at the company is important in enabling the company to develop a strong recruiting culture to enable the organization to satisfy its human resource needs (Leslie).
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