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HRM-Coursework (Research Paper Sample)


College (1-2 years: Freshmen, Sophomore) Subject or discipline: Human Resources Management (HRM) Title: Coursework Number of sources: 2 Provide digital sources used: Paper format: APA # of pages: 2


Human Resource Coursework
Human Resource Coursework
Quiz 1: How to advice Stephanie Wilkens
Stephanie has to understand her rights to equality at the work place. The disability that may arise during her tenure should not be the reason for her dismissal at the company. The equality act, as is indicated in the ADA (American Disability Act), provides guidance to the company employees on how they need to pursue what is at stake for them when matters of human rights and welfare are concerned (Americans With Disabilities Act, 2001). Therefore, I would advice Stephanie to file her case in the court of law so as to ensure that her right as a disabled person are not discriminated. She has to understand that she is free to enjoy the offered promotion, development, and training opportunities in the workplace.
Quiz 2: Harvey Jameson’s case
Under the United States Code, volume 29, Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits the behaviour of discriminating against individuals aged 40 years or older. The rights of the aged employees were also amended by The Older Workers Benefit Protection Act. In this scenario, Harvey Jameson should not be precluded from suing the company that he was working in. As is indicated by the provisions of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, nd), Harvey is free to proceed with suing the employee in order to defend his rights as an aged employee who is entitled to work and get payed. The rights of Harvey are also outlined by The Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (TOWBPAT). He should go ahead to file his case since he is entitled to fair treatment in the workplace and the freedom to work.
Quiz 3: Advice given to Jose Martinez
First of all, Martinez ought to have known the rights that he has a n American citizen since he was in possession of the Green Card. It is stated that the green card holders have the rights of working and residing permanently as the other American citizens. The rights state the green card holder is free to liv...
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