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User case (Research Paper Sample)


Number of sources 3 the sample is about user case analysis


Research paper
Heath is one of the basic needs that need a lot more attention in terms of its reach to the public. There are people in the global who up to this time cannot access quality and affordable health care. The move by most governments to introduce medical schemes to make healthcare accessibility easy is good. However, majority of the population in the middle and low class cannot cater for this scheme. Even though it has many advantages, for one to subscribe, they have to overlook a number of potential factors. Medical insurance providers operate on very strict rules and regulations that govern their daily transactions (Green & Rowell, 2013). These include timely payment of premiums and the prescribed amount for the insured. The organization-Trust Free Care Centre-has come out with a plan to give attention to those who cannot get medical care due to poverty and related issues. The opening of a clinic in the area to cater for the less privileged financially will be a major breakthrough in the area for the natives.
Economic issues
The capacity to afford healthcare is dependent on the economic independence of a person. The introduction of medical insurance, on the other hand, is a major problem tom the poor. This is because those who cannot potentially afford to pay for the premium find themselves in horrible situations when sickness occurs (Green & Rowell, 2013). Therefore, if one is to meet this important and unavoidable need, a reliable source of income is necessary. Unemployment comes as a threat to them because it deprives the ability to what they can pay. This is because it is a permanent and very uncompromising situation. Once one lacks cash, they suffer a number of ailments from psychological to mental illness.
There are people who are actively in employment but earn little. This makes them languish in a class where everything they yearn to do becomes a nightmare. With the ever-increasing healthcare costs, medical insurance companies also hike their premiums. Therefore, potential insured cannot access this scheme to help them when they are sick. They become unable to meet the minimum requirements to join the insurance sector that can improve their lives. This makes them shun away from even seeking medical attention when the need arises. These important economic factors discussed above hinder people for living simple worth lives. The organization has the capacity to consolidate all the available economic factors to make the program a success. This will include the ...
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