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Winning Hearts And Minds - A New T. Rex Burger CSR Initiative (Research Paper Sample)


Winning Hearts and Minds -T. Rex Burger CSR Initiative

Winning Hearts and Minds -T. Rex Burger CSR Initiative Words (2074) - Executive summary This report mainly outlines the implementation of a new CSR initiative by T. Rex Burger, a fast food restaurant operating in USA and India. The report establishes that T. Rex Burger Company new CSR initiative will include the adoption of environmental friendly training, going green programs and general promotion of environmental protection plans in all its operations. The company plans to introduce green packaging and recyclable food containers to its customers. Furthermore, the firm supports proper collaboration with all its stakeholders. However, the reports highlight and outline resistance to change, cultural differences and poor communication models as part of challenges that may impact the implementation of the new CSR negatively. To address these challenges, this report recommends the need for adopting open communication and proper cooperation with all its stakeholders. The firm should take advantage of its strengths and deals with its weakness as well in the process of implementing its new CSR programs. It is expected that this will improve the firm market performance and revenue generation in the long run. Table of Contents Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1. Introduction PAGEREF _Toc513556567 \h 12. Company Overview PAGEREF _Toc513556568 \h 22.1 Company Profile PAGEREF _Toc513556569 \h 22.2 Organisational Structure PAGEREF _Toc513556570 \h 22.3 Stakeholders of the company PAGEREF _Toc513556571 \h 33. T. Rex Burger’s CSR Initiative PAGEREF _Toc513556572 \h 43.1 Issues surrounding CSR initiative implementation PAGEREF _Toc513556573 \h 43.1.1 Communication barriers PAGEREF _Toc513556574 \h 43.1.2 Resistance to change PAGEREF _Toc513556575 \h 53.1.3 Organisational Structure PAGEREF _Toc513556576 \h 53.2 Implementation strategies for T. Rex Burger new CSR initiative PAGEREF _Toc513556577 \h 63.2.1 Effective communication PAGEREF _Toc513556578 \h 63.2.2 Eliminating resistance to change PAGEREF _Toc513556579 \h 63.2.3 Improvement of T. Rex Burger’s organisational structure PAGEREF _Toc513556580 \h 73.3 Impact of culture on T. Rex Burger’s new CSR initiative PAGEREF _Toc513556581 \h 73.5 Economic and financial considerations PAGEREF _Toc513556582 \h 94. Strengths and weaknesses of T. Rex Burger’s change campaign PAGEREF _Toc513556583 \h 94.1 Strengths PAGEREF _Toc513556584 \h 94.2 Weaknesses PAGEREF _Toc513556585 \h 105. Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc513556586 \h 10References PAGEREF _Toc513556587 \h 11 1. Introduction According to Carroll (1991CSR refers to corporate social responsibility and it involves the creation of profits and being accountable to the stakeholders of the company. Through the application of CSR initiatives, companies are able to conduct their business in ethical, legal and moral ways. This ensures that the company top management is taking into account the social, economic and environmental impact of their operations and activities in the society. Further, Kakabadse and Kakabadse (2007) indicated that CSR is very important to all companies globally. Based on the above premise, this report provides CSR initiative by T. Rex Burger Company. Furthermore, strategies adopted in the implementation of new CSR initiatives are provided, challenges are also well analyzed. The implementation schedule, costs of the CSR initiative as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the T. Rex Burger Company CSR initiative are also discussed in this report. The report also highlights and outlines some o the CSR strategies used by the T. Rex Burger Company to win the hearts and minds of their stakeholders in both USA and India. 2. Company Overview 2.1 Company Profile T. Rex Burger Company was founded in late 1998 by Mr. Tyrannosaurus Rex. The company headquarter is based in New York City. The company currently operates in both USA and India. Notably, the company main purpose is to promote a culture of healthy food and mainly serve their customers burgers and vegetables. Currently, the firm has more than 10,000 employees in its USA branch and around 2,000 employees in India. The company mission is to become one of the best, highest quality as well as most trusted fast food restaurant in the global society. The firm deals with ethical CSR and engages in the promotion of environmental protection initiatives. 2.2 Organisational Structure The T. Rex Burger Company is headed by a CEO in USA and by a branch director in India as illustrate in figure 1 and 2 below. The second in rank after the CEO are directors. Other business unit or departmental heads including production manager, marketing manager, research and development, human resource and quality control manager are part of the organization structure and management in both USA and India. As the head of the company, the CEO roles include strategic planning, coordination and setting policies to guide the firm operations. CEOProductionMarketingHuman ResourcesFinancialR&D Quality ControlRecruitmentTrainingAccount Figure 1: The above diagram shows the organisational structure of T. Rex Burger in USA (Source: Author) Branch DirectorProductionFinancialTrainingMarketingR&DQuality Control Figure 2: The above diagram shows the organisational structure of T. Rex Burger in India (Source: Author) 2.3 Stakeholders of the company Burke (2017) noted that global organizations or companies do not operate in vacuum and deals with several parties and stakeholders. Majority of the stakeholders have interests in the firm major operations and activities. Notably, close analysis of the T. Rex Burger Company indicate that it has both internal and external stakeholders (primary and secondary stakeholders). The internal stakeholders include the employees, the customers, the suppliers, shareholders and the management including the board of directors. On the other hand, the external stakeholders include the government, local authorities, pressure groups, competitors as well as the general public and trade unions. Importantly, the T. Rex Burger Company top management should consider the interests and values of all its stakeholders especially in its CSR initiatives. Having proper support from all stakeholders will ensure smooth operations, high levels of transparency, fairness and accountability in all the firm activities. CustomersManagersTeam FunctionalSuppliersBranchBoard of directorsShareholdersGovernmentCompetitorsLocal AuthoritiesGeneral Public UnionPressure Group Figure 3: The figure above shows the stakeholders of T. Rex Burger Company (Source: Author) 3. T. Rex Burger’s CSR Initiative According to Carol (2016), total corporate social responsibility involves ethical, legal as well as economic and philanthropic responsibilities of a company. Nalband and Kelabi (2014) also noted that different companies have different CSR initiatives and programs. However, with high demand and need for the application of moral and ethical standards in current global business operations, this report suggest the need for introducing environmental friendly practices in its all operations. 3.1 Issues surrounding CSR initiative implementation Some of the CSR initiatives that the T. Rex Burger Company should implement include the adoption of green packaging, the use of proper recycling as well as reduction of wastage through adoption of environmental friendly practices. It is expected that this will contribute towards long term contribution to sustainable development of the environment. Recycling initiatives will also benefit the company by increasing its profitability levels. 3.1.1 Communication barriers According to Cummings and Worley (2014), different communication norms and structures usually become and act as a barrier towards organization change. The CSR initiative implementation process should involve the consideration of communication models used in both USA and India. Kandlousi et al., (2010) noted that the USA people prefer direct communication methods unlike in India. Unlike India, USA is a low context culture and communication should be done through the use of least amount of words. Importantly, the company should adopt brief communication models to promote emotional resonance. This may include the consideration o non-verbal cues in the firm communication systems. 3.1.2 Resistance to change There are several factors that lead to resistance to change in organizations. Some of the issues that may lead to resistance to change within the organization include discomfort with uncertainties, lack of conviction and high concerns about future competence and sustainability of the new initiative. High costs of the training and equipments may also be a challenge to the new initiative. However, it is expected that the CSR initiative will result in adoption of new changes that may stir interest of all the stakeholders. 3.1.3 Organisational Structure A close evaluation of the T. Rex Burger Company structure reveals some challenges associated with inflexibility and constrained flow of information. This may limit transformation and change in the company. Therefore, there is need for inter-departmental collaboration and coordination to improve and promote the new CSR changes. There is also the need for establishment of clear order of command from the highest or top to the lowest ranks as shown in the figure 4 below. This will create good flow of information and continuous flow of operations and activities. Interdepartmental CommitteeT. Rex Burger Company CEO USA CEOIndia CEODirector operationsDirectors CorporateDepartmental HeadsDepartmental Heads Figure 4: Showing new recommended T. Rex Burger organisational structure (Source: Author) 3.2 Implementation strategies for T. Rex Burger new CSR initiative 3.2.1 Effective communication The adoption of effective communication platforms by the company is part of strategies that the can be used to implement new CSR in the firm. Th...
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