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Purpose of Education in a Democratic Society Philosophy Research (Research Paper Sample)


The task is about research on value of education in the modern society. Was to do a research about dewey on value of learning education.


Purpose of Education in a Democratic Society
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Following Dewey's theory of education, learning by doing, that is, the use of practical's which act as a representation of the world outside school. Dewey studied the human mind and found out that for humans to understand well, they need to experiment to facilitate retention of knowledge. This paper seeks to examine the purposes of education as perceived by Dewey and the thoughts he had about progressive education.
John Dewey is a renowned philosopher believed that pragmatism worked with experiments and practices in education. According to Dewey, pragmatism is the belief that for education to be suitable, the students should interact with the environment to facilitate the process. Emphasis was based on the interaction between teachers and students so that the learning process will be successful (Freeman-Moir, 2012).
In the education process, the purpose of the teacher is to ensure that the students are in the right mind so that they can understand the process. The process requires a collaboration between the two parties so that the cycle will be complete. The teachers facilitate in delivering the content while the students work in groups to discuss and share opinions.
The curriculum of education should be focused on the children need and the needs of the job market. The main purpose of education is to generate knowledge to students which will help them in school and even after school (Dewey, 2013). The curriculum should be set in a way that it satisfies the job market needs and the students’ needs. The connection of the outside world in the curriculum will facilitate smooth as the education process will be enjoyable to the students.
The nature of learning should be free so that the students will have the freedom to ask questions and participate in the classroom activities without the fear of being ridiculed by either the teacher or the fellow students (Dhadve, 2016). A free environment in the school will help students to acquire skills which will enable them to contribute towards all aspects of the free society. The nature of learning should be set in a way that the needs of the children are addressed and are directed towards an esteemed end.
Education enables someone to think critically and make appropriate decisions. All people in a free society to be educated as it will help them to read, write and develop arithmetic skills which will enable them to pursue further courses. Education in a free society is responsible for producing individuals who are ready to take leadership positions and other roles in the society.
John Dewey philosophical ideas of incorporating practice in education have been a success in...
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