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Frameworks for the Design of Shipborne Equipment Using a Gearbox (Research Paper Sample)


The SAMPLE PAPER DESCRIBES THE design of Shipborne Equipment USING GEARBOX. the sample also identifieS the COMMONLY USED frameworks for the design of Shipborne Equipment. The DESCRIPTION of gearbox and how it OPERATES under high and new technology conditions is also described subjectively. THE PAPER ALSO DEMONSTRATES VARIOUS SETUP OF SHIPBORNE EQUIPMENT AS FAR AS THE USABILITY OF GEARBOX IN ITS DESIGN IS CONCERNED.


Engineering Design and Marine Transmission
The Design Requirement for Drive system for Shipborne Equipment
Student’s Name
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc111468920 \h 3Introduction PAGEREF _Toc111468921 \h 3Shipborne Equipment Description PAGEREF _Toc111468922 \h 4Gearbox PAGEREF _Toc111468923 \h 4Gearbox Description PAGEREF _Toc111468924 \h 5Reverse Reduction Gearbox PAGEREF _Toc111468925 \h 6Fenner Belt Drive Components PAGEREF _Toc111468926 \h 6Selection of HPC gears PAGEREF _Toc111468927 \h 7Shafts Loading and Design PAGEREF _Toc111468928 \h 8Design and Construction PAGEREF _Toc111468929 \h 9Bearing Selection PAGEREF _Toc111468930 \h 9Calculations for sizing keys and keyways. PAGEREF _Toc111468931 \h 10Determination of relevant limits PAGEREF _Toc111468932 \h 11Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc111468933 \h 11References PAGEREF _Toc111468934 \h 13
The design of Shipborne Equipment requires different conceptual frameworks and design methodologies. One of the most influential frameworks for the design of Shipborne Equipment is using the gearbox. The gearbox is proven to work effectively under high and new technology conditions. A gearbox will be used as the primary parameter for the equipment design to delineate the relationship between the operability of Shipborne Equipment and its design. Different gearbox designs will be used to monitor the field parameters and the needs measurement of the Shipborne Equipment. This report describes the theoretical and experimental design of Shipborne Equipment using a gearbox.
The modern gearbox for Shipborne Equipment is a comprehensive counterbalance between the systems of highly technical equipment. In this sense, the design of shipborne will be operational based on the principle of operation, operation methods and the certainty of environment operation. To design the Shipborne Equipment using the gearbox, details of the tasks must be practical and operational, accurate and complete. The gearbox is an integral part of the design of Shipborne Equipment. A well-designed Shipborne Equipment should align with the myriad of recommendations as contained in the resolution A.694(17). the Shipborne Equipment must be capable of operating automatically with minimal human intervention, should be scalable to allow space for future modification, and must be capable of transmitting energy from the main electrical power and lastly, must be able to transmit information from the main control using information systems. There is, however, the mechanical design and the electrical design of Shipborne Equipment. This report will dwell on the mechanical design using a gearbox.
Shipborne Equipment Description
In marine engineering, the definition and description of equipment and vessels vary according to when and where they are used in shipping design and engineering. According to Hui-yuan et al., (2012), Shipborne Equipment requires the operation of a vessel to manoeuvre. The integral partner of Shipborne Equipment is the gearbox, steering mechanism, rescue 

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