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Largo Corporation and Enterprise Plan (Research Paper Sample)


the paper was a case study on largo corporation analyzing its enterprise architectural plan. The paper also outlined the architecture framework of the corporation , utilizing The Open Group Architecture Framework. The next analysis was on the future vision and the migration plan of the corporation.


Enterprise Architectural Plan
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Largo Corporation, a multi-industry company, is round-faced with issues associated with information technology. It makes millions in profits and encompasses a important range of workers. Tara Johnson heads it. With consultations between her and therefore the operations head, Mr.Scully has approached you to resolve this downside. Because the new Chief Enterprise creator for Largo Corporation, you want to solve this downside by formulating a project. You want to craft associate degree enterprise architecture vision and make a case for however it allows business goals. A justification of the enterprise architecture (EA) is provided. This paper additionally provides additional details on the migration arrange and therefore the procedure for the project's migration. . Largo Corporation’s mission is to introduce and manage the finest merchandise and services. to stay in line with its competitors, Largo Corporation and its employees adhere to a really specific vision to regard viable, exceptional enlargement and continuous growth. To achieve and maintain this vision would require effective and economical communication, cultural alignment and partnership, inspiration, adoption of reciprocally enduring worth, maximizing long-term come on investment (ROI), heedfulness, leadership, courage, responsibility, passion and most of all natural process. Instigating associate degree Enterprise design strategy fosters all the aforementioned objectives, inserting it in good alignment with Largo Corporations’ mission, vision and culture.
KEYWORDS; Enterprise design (EA), Migration set up, Interim report, discipline
The concept of enterprise architecture
The term enterprise architecture was brought forth by scientist John Zachman. As architectural term within the year 1987, Zachman printed a commentary referred to as ‘A Framework of knowledge Systems design (Benard, 2012).’ the knowledge systems specialists used the term design for quite long duration; but, within the Nineteen Nineties, managers and specialists were concerned chiefly in enterprise coming up with within the re-engineering method of business structures. The term enterprise coming up with became a typical observe in business world and these days, IT managers and businesses observe EA (enterprise architecture) as an in depth description of all the foremost organization parts and therefore the interrelations between them.
Understanding Enterprise Architecture (EA)
Enterprise Architecture (EA) may be a managing and technological expertise practice fervent to refining the performance of organizations by empowering them to determine themselves in terms of an all-inclusive, holistic and united view of their tactical path, corporate practices, data flows, and expert resources (Minnoli, 2008). In developing present and future versions of an integrated view, an enterprise can manage the transition from current to future operating states (Bernard, 2012). In line with Bernard (2012), EA is developing into a progressively established management and technology discipline producing holistic designs that are dexterous and all-encompassing. EA is known to improve development, making determinations aiding in decision making and systematizing solutions to be implemented. EA provides more from the more system-centric or process-centric views previously emphasized in the analysis and planning approaches that were not technologically driven (Bernard, 2012). With EA providing a more holistic approach of an enterprise, more and more organizations are shifting to the EA approach after witnessing the benefits from previous organizations.
EA is more of a supervision program and credentialing method, used in both public and private sectors. Culture in EA is also essential to its documentation effort because documentation involves all employees. From executives to middle management, to administrative assistants, the whole organization is involved in the rollout of an EA plan. With the constant sharing of information and the social aspect interoffice, everyone in the company is involved in the EA undertaking. The boundary between the enterprise structure and culture is dynamic. The EA approach supports countless IT based requests and the implementation and coordination of those tech requests. EA is an approach and enterprise-driven activity supporting executive preparation and determinations by supplying synchronized viewpoints of an entire firm. This differs from Technology-driven, systems-level, or process-centric approaches (Bernard, 2012). Bernard (2012) breaks down the EA representation into a straightforward equation, EA = S + B + T = Enterprise Architecture = Strategy + Business + Technology which could be a simple representation that distinguishes from other styles of IT planning.
After reading a piece of writing by CIO, Martens (2007), states the wants of an enterprise architect and their essential duties. Essentially, an EA combines a business strategy with an IT strategy that supports corporate initiatives. The EA must be well-versed with the business strategic business plan and then create an IT plan by delving deeply into all aspects of the business. To do so, EAs must understand a company's business and be able to dive deeply into technology issues. As more and more companies shift to service-oriented architecture (SOA), in-house EA’s are becoming even more important to the overall success of the business plan and IT infrastructure outline. Martens (2007) states that more than 50 percent of IT projects in general are not achieving their goals, so having a dedicated EA will ensure organizational expertise. Objectives correspond to business objectives.
Applicability of EA in large Corporations
In giant companies, EA is viewed as a blueprint for the optimum and super-larger target conformant placement of data Technology (IT) surroundings. EA supports companies in almost all of their business functions. Design is that the basic organization of a system. In the parts of design, organization/corporations notice a linkage in its varied departmental relationships (Cummins, 2002). It’s a style within the companies that govern designs and evolution. Once EA is mentioned in a very company perspective, a figure is usually drawn within the belief that AN IT / blueprint for the look of a town or larger development. In the company blueprint that is guided by EA, there are a unit macro read of however the primary components (lots, roads, utilities-read: networks, platforms and therefore the logical components) fits in respect to each other. EA in company world therefore produce a unified data Technology environment; this is often the same system in each hardware and software package across all the firm’s business units (Laukhorst, 2009).EA presents dependent links to the social company business facet in a corporation that is primarily ninetieth of the firm. EA in a very simple read promotes the re-use of the prevailing IT assets; promote alignment and sharing of the common project management moreover as software package development in a corporation.
Enterprise Architecture Frameworks Review
They are four types: the open group architectural framework (TOGAF), the Zachman Framework, the federal enterprise architectural framework (FEA), and Gartner. 20 years ago, the field of EA was in its infancy. The Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF): This framework was developed in the year 1995. It was specifically based on the department of Defense’s Technical Architecture Framework for Information systems Management (Ross, et al, 2006). The focal point of TOGAF is on the mission-critical business applications. These applications use an open systems building blocks.
Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture: Published by John Zachman in the year 1987. This system was the pioneer of EA. It increased the design and scope/level of information’s systems implementations complexity. This whole system resulted into the forced use of logical construct (architecture) (Session, 2007). The Zachman framework is guided by the principle of classical architecture which established a wholesome description of complex enterprise system. Deals with six basic enterprise questions that include; what, how, where, who, when and why.
Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF): FEAF was developed and published by the United States Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council. It was a government based EA in which the government was following the industrial trends of defining architectural frameworks in the walk towards guiding the development of large and complex systems (Spewak & Hill, 2013). This EA model was formulated in response to the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996. Its main objective was to establish a model in which the Federal Government information could be shared in an organized manner.
Treasury Enterprise Architecture Framework (TEAF): An entity of the department of Treasury. TEAF was established in the years 2000. Main objective is to harmonize the individual offices and enterprises in the treasury by mapping the interrelationships among the organizations. This model organizes all the IT resources in the treasury departments (Benard, 2012). It was an integrated approach for information sharing, and the exploitation of common requirements across all Treasury departments.





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